a�?Ban Cuckoo If You Dona��t Like Blacka��: Pawan

Actor turned politician reacts strongly to the comments of BJP Parliamentarian Tarun Vijay against the colour of South Indians.A�

Hyderabad: The controversial remarks of BJP Parliamentarian Tarun Vijay about the colour of South Indian people shocked one and all. Though he tried to defend himself saying that Krishna is worshipped though he is dark and justify his comments, people from all walks of life are reacting to them rather seriously.

The popular actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan reacted to these comments saying, a�?if you dona��t want black, then ban cuckoo.a�� Taking to twitterA�on Friday, he tweeted that Tarun Vijaya��s statement echoes North Indiaa��s bias against South India.

He reminded Tarun that it was a man from South India that designed the national flag. Such prejudices would divide the nation, he cautioned.

Referring to the apology made by the BJP leader, he tweeted in Telugu that, a�?ita��s not an insult which can be forgotten with an apology.a��

Pawan went a step ahead and observed that a�?it is our misfortune that parties which accommodate people with such feelings are at the national level.a�?

Upping the ante, he also commented that, a�?you need revenue from black people of South India but you look down upon them.a�?

The actor turned politician who had been talking about the bias against South India for the last few months, uploaded an article on national parties being unfair to the region despite the lattera��s huge contribution to the national economy.

In the beginning of the year, Pawan remarked on a news channel that, a�?the north- south divide is more amongst the political class than between the people.a�?

a�?We in South India feel that the political elite in Delhi, which wants to run the entire country, after having got thumping majority in UP. But people are against their desire,a�? he quipped

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