Balu Loses Baggage In US, Duplicate Passport Issued in 24 hrs

He posted the details on his Face Book. The singing maestro has given SPB50 concerts in several cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Kansas, San Jose etc

Washington (DC): Famous playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam (SPB) who is currently conducting concerts in the US has lost his baggage. He lost is passport, iPads containing scripts of the songs, credit cards and other important documents.

He posted the details on his Face Book. The singing maestro has given SPB50 concerts in several cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Kansas, San Jose etc. He is continuing with his itinerary.

Balu said the Consul General of the Indian Embassy in Houston acted immediately and a duplicate passport was given to him within 24 hours.

Balu thanked Andhra Pradesh Government for selecting him for NTR National Award. He expressed his sorrow at the demise of legendary Hindustani singer Kishori Amonkar.

It may be recalled that SPB was involved in a controversy with legendary music director Ilayaraja who served the former with legal notice for singing the songs composed by him without paying for copyright. Since then, SPB stopped singing the songs composed by Ilayaraja.

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Isaignani Ilayaraja launched Vishnu’s next movie ‘Voter’

Hyderabad: Manchu Mohanbabu had entered into films by playing villain characters. Later, he played the comedy villain characters and turned a hero. Not only as an artiste, he had also produced several super hit movies and blockbusters on the banner of Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures. However, his children were not so successful in the film industry. Though Manchu Vishnu had a handful of hit films to his credit, Manchu Manoj and Manchu Lakshmi failed to appease the Telugu audiences. Manchu Vishnu’s latest film Luckunnodu too fared poor at Box Office, despite the film named a comedy entertainer.

Earlier, Manchu Vishnu’s film, ‘Denikaina Ready’ had faced the wrath of Brahmin community and they warned that they will not attend any of the functions or programmes of Manchu family alleging that they defamed their community. Somehow the issue was pacified. Once again, Vishnu is doing another film by playing the role of a Brahmin youth with the title ‘Achari America Yatra’. Again Brahmanandam is sharing screen with Vishnu and we have to wait and see whether the film too would invite the wrath of Brahmins or will be liked by them. Now, Vishnu reportedly signed a different subject as one of the films has an interesting title ‘Voter’. Maestro Illayaraja formally launched the movie by attending the muhurat scene and announced the title of the movie.

It is learnt that the film is said to be a bilingual and would be made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil languages. To be directed by Karthik Reddy, the film is being produced by John Sudheer Pudhota. Surabhi, who played heroine in ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Express Raja’ movies, was roped in as heroine.

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Ilayaraja, SPB Should Sort It Out: VAK Ranga Rao

Bobbili (Vizianagaram): Highly respected musicologist VAK Ranga Rao felt that both Ilayaraja and SP Balasubrahmanyam could have discussed the copyright issue and settled the matter.

Ilayaraja’s action in issuing legal notice to SPB has become a hot topic of debate among the music lovers across the globe.

Ranga Rao wondered if SPB is unaware of the IPRS rules. He said Ilayaraja was legally justified in raising the issue of copyright but doing it after 40 years of SPB’s performances is a bit intriguing, he commented.

Talking to Sakshi reporter here on Tuesday, the music analyst and scholar said, when the organisers of concerts collect money they have to pay part of it to the producers, music directors, lyricists and playback singers by way of royalty. The Indian Performance Rights Society (IPRS) was formed in 1969. According to the rules of the Society any concert where money is collected, the organisers have to pay royalty to the concerned. IPRS is a private registered body and everyone has to abide by the rules. All India Radio and Door Darshan used to pay royalties. Lata Mangeshkar had demanded royalties for her songs.

” Ilayaraja has every right to issue a legal notice. But why he chose to give it when Balu is touring in the US is something I cannot understand. SPB who has been singing for 50 years must be aware of the IPRS. Even if the concert is for charity, when money is collected, the royalty has to be paid. The IPRS has to respond to this controversy. Anant Sriram has given his opinion correctly. I am not sure of the percentages in royalties. But since SPB and Ilayaraja have been good friends they can sort it out through discussion,” said VAK Ranga Rao.

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SPB Is One Of Many Served With Legal Notices By Ilayaraja

Chennai: Sources close to famous music composer Ilayaraja said on Monday that the legal notice sent to accomplished singer SP Balasubrahmanyam (SPB) was one of many legal notices sent out by the music maestro’s office. It appears that Ilayaraja’s legal advisors have been sending notices many companies demanding that his permission be obtained before using the songs for which he scored music.

Ilayaraja has been involved in charity work and he feels those who are earning on his songs could contribute to his charity activities. He feels people are earning crores of rupees using his songs without paying a rupee to him.

Three years ago, Ilayaraja went to Madra High Court which ordered five music companies not to sell his compositions without permission. He believes that only he has the rights over the songs and if royalty is paid by companies, radio stations or TV channels, the same can be shared by him with the producers, singers and lyricists. Ilayaraja has composed music for over a 1000 films, with over 6000 songs to his credit. He also has a number of albums of non-film songs.

The battle for royalties has come to light when SP Balasubrahmanyam has posted his response, in his face book, to the legal notice sent by Ilayaraja barring him from using the songs for which he scored music. He said he was touring the world following a programme designed by his son on the occasion of his completing 50 years of singing career. SPB said he is ignorant of copyright act and he would stop singing the songs for which Ilayaraja scored music.

Ilayaraja’s legal notice has sparked a controversy in film industry. Even the writers can claim royalties. The playback singers also can demand a share in royalties. A film song is created by producer, director, story writer, script writer, lyric writer, music composer and playback singer. The importance of the roles played by them may be different but all these individuals are required to make a film song. On what basis can royalties be distributed among all these individuals and the companies which popularise the songs?

While it is nobody’s case that the music director’s efforts should not go unrewarded, the fact that Ilayaraja’s notice undermines the playback singer’s contribution to making a song popular cannot be overlooked. There are ethical and legal issues involved in this case. Everybody who has a part in making of a song is payed by the producer before the film is released. When it comes to royalty, it has to be studied and a method has to be evolved for sharing of royalties. The legal notice should lead to a constructive debate so that some guidelines could be evolved to avoid bitterness among the creative persons.

SPB did a lot of concerts in India and abroad. He kick started the present tour in August in Toranto and has performed in Russia, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. He has been anchoring a programme in ETV by name ‘Paadutaa Tiiyagaa’ for years. The talented singer makes it a point to mention the names of music composers, lyric writers and playback singers with a lot of reverence when ever he takes up a song at concerts or TV programmes. It is truly unfortunate, as SPB aptly put, that the episode should have happened between two good friends.

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Ilayaraja Slaps Legal Notice On SP Balasubrahmanyam

Washington (DC): Ilayaraja, the famous film music composer, had got a legal notice served on famous playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam who has been touring the world giving music concerts on the occasion of completing 50 memorable years in the profession. Popular female singer Chitra, who is accompanying Balu in his musical tour, was also served with legal notice. The notice says Balu and Chitra are violating the Copyright Act. SPB was the person who encouraged Ilayaraja to shift to Chennai from Kerala and take up music composing on full-time basis. Balu has reacted to Ilayaraja’s legal notice in his own humble and unassuming way. If it is the design of God, he said, he would obey it with reverence.

Here is what SPB posted on his Facebook:
“Dear all, Greetings from US. Had great shows in Seattle and LA last weekend. Grateful for the love you all showered upon us and the professional way the organizers conducted the shows.

“Couple of days back, an Attorney representing Shri. Iliaya Raja, sent legal notices to me, Smt. Chithra, Charan, organisers of the concerts in different cities and the managements of all the venues, which says that we are not supposed to perform compositions of Shri. Ilayaraja without his permission, if so, it is breaking the copyright law and have to pay huge financial penalties and face legal action. Let me say, I am ignorant of these legalities.

“My Son designed this world tour and we kick started this SPB-50 concert tour in August in Toronto, then we performed in Russia, Sri lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and did lots of shows in India too. I did not get any feelers from Shri. Raja’s office at that time. I don’t know why now when we started our US tour. As I said earlier, I am ignorant of the law. If it is a law, so be it and I obey it.

“In these circumstances, our troupe can not perform Isaijnani’s compositions from to day. But the show should happen. By God’s grace I have sung lots of other composer’s songs too which we will present. Hope you all will bless our concerts as usual.

I am always grateful for your love and affection.
“I only request you all not to have any harsh opinions and discussions regarding this. If this is the design of God, I obey it with reverence.
Sarvejanah Sukhinobhavanthu.”

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