Balayyaa��s 56th Birthday, Special Gift From Wife Vasundhara.

Natasimha Balakrishna will celebrate his 56th birthday on June 10. On this occasion he is going to receive a surprise gift from life partner Vasundhara.

Hyderabad: Hindupur MLA Balakrishna will remember his coming birthday for two reasons. One, he is entering into 56. Second, he is getting a special, surprise gift from Vasundhara. It is nothing but a Bentley car; dona��t leave it just as it is a car. The cost of the car is around a�? 2.65 crores.

Vasundhara booked the car in Delhi Bently car show room and for this she just paid tax of a�? 33 lakhs.

Car colour is brown Sapphire and interior with blue will give a special look for Balakrishna.

Meanwhile, Balakrishna is busy with his 101st movie under Puri’s direction. As per sources, Balakrishna will announce some social activities on that day to serve the poor.

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