Bahubali’s Adverse Effect On RGV

Hyderabad: The Amitabh and RGV combo ‘Sarkar-3’ is expected to be released in April. However, after the release of Bahubali (The Conclusion) teaser and the high expectations on the film made the Bollywood film-makers have the second thoughts and many of them have decided to maintain safe distance from the release date of the Magnum Opus of SS Rajamouli.

Moreover, Bahubali (The Beginning) was a stupendous hit and rewrote several records of the Indian film industry and the upcoming Bahubali (The Conclusion) would be even more attractive.

Of course, the Sarkar’s earlier two series which came in the combination of Ram Gopal Varma and Amitabh Bachchan were decent hits and the third in the series would also be on par with those two. But releasing the film when a heavy film like Bahubali is being released is not a sane idea.

Hence it has been decided to release the film on May 12. Let us wait and see whether Ramu will continue the success streak with Amitabh in Sarkaar series or not.

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