a�?Bahubalia�� will come to resurrect Congress in State: Jana Reddy

Hyderabad: Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader K Jana Reddy has said a a�?Bahubalia�� will come to ensure the victory of Congress in 2019 elections in the State.

Speaking to media persons after adjournment of the House to Saturday, Jana Reddy lashed out at the TRS governmenta��s Budget for 2017-18. He alleged that the Budget was a magic of figures. He found fault with the Budget for introducing it and enhancing the revenue up to 30 per cent as it will not increase even 15 per cent every year.

He reiterated that he will not speak on Budget again and it was the last one. He made it clear that the young MLAs of the party will speak on the next Budget. He said he has decided to give a chance to the new MLAs to speak on the Budget.

Speaking philosophically, Jana Reddy said nobody knows onea��s fate in the future. a�?I am like a seed for the idealistic politics. People will judge who will be an iron leg in futurea�?, he said. (NSS)

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