Baahubali Thali a�� A Tribute To The Film By Rajwadu Owners In Ahmedabad

A lot of film-based merchandise entered the market like Chota Bhim, which was mainly aimed at kids. Now, the film Bahubali encouraged eatery owner to introduce Bahubali thali in his restaurant.

Ahmedabad: A�The mega budget movie Bahubali made such an impression on the minds of the fans that they are eagerly waiting to know the answer to the question, a�?Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?a�? Though everybody is trying to give an analytical answer to this question, by and large, the audience is bewildered with the cliffhanger. The business people were quick to take advantage of this craze for Bahubali amongst the fans. A lot of merchandise entered the market just like Chota Bhim, which was mainly aimed at kids. Now, it has encouraged an eatery owner to introduce Bahubali thali in his restaurant.

Though a thali dedicated to mythological figure a�?Bakasuraa�� was served in some parts of the country, now the owners and chefs at Hotel Rajwadu in Ahmedabad decided to serve a special menu a�?Bahubali thalia�� in their restaurant. Such is the influence of the filmA�on the fans.

After watching the film directed by SS Rajamouli, management of Rajwadu a�� Rajesh Patel and Manish Patel decided to pay a perfect tribute to the legacy of Bahubali. Being in restaurant business they thought what could be better than special thali dedicated to Bahubali displaying the grandeur and marvel.

The restaurant located in Ahmedabad is known for its village themed ambience.A� Catering authentic Gujarati and Rajasthani food, it has become a rage with those visiting the city. With a little change in the ambience, the fans of Bahubali Manish and Rajesh decided to celebrate the food and life inA�filmiA�style at their eatery.

An amazing spread, the thali is a war of flavours. The owners leave the customer fighting to decide on what to choose. With two types of welcome drinks, fiveA�namkeens, five sweets and seven types of main course dishes, along with four varieties ofA�rotisA�and two flavours of rice, the thali is a feast for the eyes too. Apart from it, they also serveA�atheA�salad,A�achar, papad. Well, one needs a real appetite to relish it!

Saying that captivated by the film, the owners and the restaurant manager Vipin Patel thought of doing something as a tribute to the magnum opus. So they thought why not serve a Bahubali thali as rich as the film. a�?Customers are falling in love with it as it offers a wide range of food,a�? Patel said.

The film is slated to release on April 28. The enthusiastic Patels who are eagerly waiting for the release of the film are sure of its success. They said they are looking forward to hosting the star cast of Bahubali at Rajwadu.


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