Baahubali 2 Mega Show: Rajamouli Touches Millions Of Hearts

Hyderabad: Ramoji Film City was the venue of a great show, first of its kind in film industry, on Sunday, March 26, when Bahubali-2 audio function was held. Members of the unit and a number of celebrities participated in the proceedings. All the members of the Bahubali unit were present for the last time before Mahishmati ceased to exist.. Producers Y Shibu and Prasad Devineni, actors Prabhas, Rana, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah, Ramya Krishna and were present. The event was compered by Suma. Veteran actor and politician Krishnam Raju and famous director Raghavendra Rao participated in the programme.

The programme went on well for three hours , every member praising his or her co- stars, technicians for their team work, for keeping their heart and soul together for 5 years to complete the magnum opus, Bahubali.

Rajamouli was compared with Hollywood directors Stephen Spielberg, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan and beyond by Karan Johar. He also said it took more than 67 years to experience a film like Moghul-E-Azam. Most heartening moment for Tollywood and ace director Rajamouli is when Karan said, “I want to go home and teach actors that this is what pure dedication to cinema is all abouta�?. For a Tollwyood director getting praise from a Bollywood director is something to cherish for the entire film industry. Rajamouli simply stood and heard Karana��s words with folded hands like a school boy. It enhanced the popular respect for him.

But who can forget the scene which won millions of hearts? It was not shot for a film or made up with graphics. Encomiums from the bottom of the heart poured out for the director, who spent more than five years for an epic which raised the status of Tollywood to an International level, say Hollywood level.

M.M.Keeravani, music maestro, said prior to the function that there will be a small AV on Rajamouli which was not shown to the director himself and kept secret until then. Even Rajamouli took it in a lighter vein as if it is truly a small AV. But when it was displayed on the screen,which was comp[osed and penned by Keeravani himself, which included Rajamoulia��s incredible vision, he could not stop his tears and emotion, with the entire stadium erupting with a standing ovation saluting the extraordinary director.

Emotional chord struck more deeply when Rajamoulia��s daughter Mayukha, came on to the dais and celebrated the emotional moments with tears of joy. We see a perfect dedication, unassuming humility and great respect for elders in Rajamouli. This is touching for a person who achieved huge success in life. Rajamouli started his career with a TV serial, Shanti Nivasam, and now Rajamoulia��s name is ringing bells all over the globe. Baahubali-2 is surely a proud Indian film whose collections will touch a�? 1000 crores. Even before the release of the mega film, Rajamouli touched millions of hearts with his simplicity ,respect and humility shown at Audio function. wishes him many more successes in life and it is proud to see a Tollywood director achieving rare fete and etching a place of pride in Indian film history.

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