Bahubali-2 Trailer leaked, Reasons as per Rajamouli, read more

Hyderabad: Bahubali-2 trailer was reportedly leaked prior to the scheduled time on Facebook. As per makers, trailer release time was 5:00 pm on Thursday, but leakage in Tamil version made them hurry to unveil at 9:00 am in all languages.

Addressing media, Director Rajamouli explained the reasons for leakage. It is due to a bug in the Facebook, says Rajamouli without extending further.

We are trying to find out how it had happened. We cant blame anybody without knowing exact reason, but the incident irritated the entire team, Rajamouli said.

Piracy is different from leakage and there is no plan to take legal action, ace director Rajamouli said. Output of trailer is satisfactory and relieved my tensions, Rajamouli said praising Keeravani for the excellent back ground score for the trailer.

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