Baahubali-2: Pre-release Biz Breaks Records

Baahubali-2 has done a record-breaking pre-release business overtaking the business made by the first part.

Hyderabad: Breaking all previous records, the pre-release business of Baahubali-2 has touched a�? 130 crore in just two Telugu states, according to Industry reports. The magnum opus of SS Rajamouli has already crossed the a�? 300 crore mark in the five languages it was being released. One trade source revealed that Nizam area has done a remarkable pre-release business of a�? 47.5 crore. This is a record and no other film has grossed such a huge amount well before the movie is screened.

In fact, the first part i.e. ‘Bahubali-The Beginning’ has made just a�? 66.20 crore pre-release business only. Compared to it, the second part i.e. ‘Bahubali-The Conclusion’ has made just double that amount a��a�? 130 crore plus.

It might be recalled that the first part has grossed a whopping a�? 600 crore, which is the second highest Indian movie to make such a massive revenue. It is expected that both the parts would rake in a�? 1000 crore plus.

Area-wise pre-release business in AP and Telangana:

Nizama��..A� a�?47.5 cr

Cededa��..A� a�?25 cr

Vizag+Krishnaa��. a�?23 cr

Guntura��a��.. a�?11.5 cr

East, Westa��.. a�?17.5 cr

Nellorea��.. a�?5.5 cr

Total Telangana + AP: a�? 130 Crores

The grand premiere show of the mega movie will be on April 27 and the release is on April 28.

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