Bahubali-2 is a full meal, says Rajamouli

Hyderabad: Bahubali-2 is a full meal with Bahubali as starter, says ace director Nandi Award winner S.S. Rajamouli.

Scale of Bahubali-The Conclusions, its journey and future plans was opened by Director in a chit chat programme named Tete-a-Tete with Anupama Chopra for Digital platform Film companion.

What To expect from second part of Bahubali?

First part is introduction of characters; we havena��t really got into the plot. The characters are established and we have given all hook line. First part is starter and second part is actual meal says Rajamouli, who spent five years on this franchise.

“To most in the external, it may feel like one thing that I am focussing all my energy on, but internally its a lot of things, so many elements, so many branches. We are really enjoying it every step on the way.

Now we are all raring to go to work with the other things connected to Bahubali-the novels, animated series—overall the process feels very different and unique”, Rajamouli said.

Rajamouli personally feels he is more a story teller than a Director.

“When I start telling stories i feel very confident, I am not that much confident while directing, I have so many doubts running in my mind. SO I am not very sure footed about what I am doing and hence i keep going back and forth.

Even small things irritate me, but I also let few mistakes pass, I am human on sets”, Rajamouli quipped.

Considering small films after such massive projects, Director said Its not like I onlyA� want to do big projects, its nature of the subject that makes film big or small. Each subject drives its own path. Based on the subject you know whom to cast, the budget, the crew and the economics.

I am happy to do this big film as I wanted to do one for a long time. I am ready to do small films as long as the subject excites me.

Young Directors need to understand the value of patience and hard work. They need to strike the balance between two. If u keeps waiting patiently, the chance may never come. Hence u should know when and how to wait. As a story teller, u should always be honest to yourself, you should not let down your story line affected by what others are telling you”, he said.


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