Bahubali-2 (The Conclusion) is a visual extravaganza

Hyderabad: Not only the Telugu audiences but audiences of several languages across India and also abroad watched Bahubali (The Beginning) and remained their mouths opened saying a�?awea��.

Rajamouli had enhanced the image of the Telugu cinema to the world-level (say Hollywood level) by bringing out extravagant visuals with the help of graphics. On learning that Rajamouli is bringing out Bahubali-2 (The Conclusion), audiences have kept quite high expectations. The trailer of the second part of Bahubali was unveiled today morning and the audience became spell-bound as the trailer in itself a grand extravaganza.

The way the director cut the trailer was awesome. It is worth mentioning here that Ram Gopal Varma, who generally become a centre point of criticism and passes adverse remarks on everything to remain in news, also became spell-bound. He posted a tweet on his a�?Twittera�� a�� a�?Trailer of not the Mother of Movies, but the Fucking Grandmother of Movies… A MegaBahubalian Salute to @ssrajamouli.a�? This comment is enough to say that the trailer was cut in a more efficient manner to highlight the values of the movie.

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