Baap-Beta truce in UP

Special Correspondent

Lucknow: With the father-son truce brought about by senior minister Azam Khan bringing the ruling Samajwadi Party back from the precipice, the Yadav parivar heaved a sigh of relief.

Hopes entertained by rival parties, the BJP and the BSP, of benefiting from the family feud have been dashed. Though it is difficult to guess how long the unity in the ruling family would last, the followers of SP supremo Mulayam Singh and his Chief Minister son Akhilesh who clashed on Saturday morning celebrated the outcome with slogans in favour of unity.A� It is to be seen whether the party supremo would accept the suggestion given by Akhilesh to go for alliance with the Congress and Rashtriya Lok Dal. If that happens and the party is led by Akhilesh at the hustling, it would be difficult for the BJP to emerge as a winner.

The Muslim voters who are with the SP would stay put if there is a tie-up with the Congress and RLD. To that extent the BSP stands to lose. Had there been no reconciliation between the father and the son, majority of the Muslim voters would have shifted their allegiance to the party led by Mayawati. As things stand now, the largest single party would be either the BSP or the SP with BJP having to pay for demonetization.

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