As Baahubali Fever Grips Fans, Ticket Prices Skyrocket

The magnum opus, which already broke records by getting permissions for screening five and six shows a day in both Telugu States, is screening in 8000 theatres across the country. Now it is set to break records with regard to ticket prices.

Hyderabad: The sensational mega budget movie Baahubali 2,A� is breaking records much before its release. While the two Telugu States gave permission for six and five shows to be screened; the number of theatres ita��s getting screened the world over is nearly 9000. Now, it has become a sensation as the rate per ticket is as high Rs. 2,400 in metropolis like Delhi.

While Baahubali fans are desperate to buy tickets, prices of tickets are giving a rude shock to them. The prices skyrocketed as the hype for the film reached its crescendo. As the distributors are getting ready for screening premier shows, prices of the tickets got wings and started flying in the sky.

The film, which is expected to rewrite the history of Indian Cinema records is directed by SS Rajamouli.The film is being released in 8,000 theatres across the country.A� However, the prices of the tickets have become spencer.

The price of one ticket at Delhia��s PVR theatre is between Rs. 2,000 and 2,400.

On the other hand, Baahubali fever gripped two Telugu States. Tickets for every show have are already been booked for a week, and people are queuing before the theatres for general tickets.

There is criticism that such trend might encourage black marketeers.A� It appears to be sure that fans of Baahubali are going to create a record of sorts by buying tickets crazily in the black market.

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