Baahubali 2: Will Kattappa Apologise To Kannadigas?

As the pro-Kannada groups declared that they would not let the film run in their State until Kattappa (Satyaraj) apologises, the nail baiting suspense is, will Kattappa apologise?

Bengaluru: Kannadiga pride and self-respect have become major hurdles for the release of the film ‘Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion’ in Karnataka. Though the director of the movie has been appealing to the people of Karnataka to not create problems to its release, founder of Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha and Kannada ideologue a�� Vatal Nagaraj is not relenting. Nothing is bigger than self-respect, he says.

Protesting against the comments made by actor Satyaraj who played the role of Kattappa, a few years ago, Nagaraj who gathered the support of pro- Kannada groups had demanded an apology from anti-Kannada Satyaraj for insulting the people of the State by calling them dogs during Cauvery protests.

The director and producers of the film are making appeals to Nagaraj not to create any hurdles. But, Nagaraj is not convinced with their sweet talk, asked as to why producers cana��t make Satyaraj tender an apology. a�?If they think protecting the ego of Satyaraj is important than Kannadigas, then we will go to any extent to protect our self-respect,a�? he clarified.

Refusing to seek an apology from filma��s director Rajamouli, Nagaraj said, why someone who did nothing should apologise. Clarifying that the problem is neither Rajmouli nor the movie, he asserted that they will not budge until Satyaraj apologises.

President of Karnataka Rakshana Videke president, who supported Nagaraj, said that their bandh will not create any inconvenience to people of Karnataka as ita��s a matter of Kannada pride. Stressing that they only have a problem with Satyaraj, Praveen said that if his ego is huge and he wona��t apologise, let them change the actor in the film, and we will let the film run in our theatres, he said.

The pro-Kannada groups, which have been in news since the release date of the movie was announced, were accused of threatening producers before the release. However, they refused the allegations and protested only when the identity of Kannadigas has been threatened.

They coulda��ve convinced Satyaraj to apologise and stopped it from becoming such a big issue, said Karnataka Film Chamber president Sa Ra Govind. Either the actor is stubborn or believes in every word he uttered during Cauvery protest he said.

Though the filmmakers met with Karnataka Film Chamber president Sa Ra Govind, and senior actor Ambareesh, to request them to consider the release of the film in the State.

However, despite all the requests made by Rajamouli, Sa Ra Govind refused to budge. He clarified that they would call off the ban only if Satyraj comes to Bengaluru and apologises to the people of Karnataka.

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