Baahubali 2 Vinayaka Idol: Special Attraction

Baahubali craze has touched god Vinayaka also and idol makers are coming with new concepts related to the flick.

Hyderabad: Festival Vinayaka Chaturdi falls on August 25th and now makers of Ganesha idols in Hyderabad are coming up with new concepts to attract buyers.

People worship Ganesha in different forms on that day and keeping this in view idol makers started designing Vinayaka in Baahubali form which is attracting a lot of people.

These Ganapathi idols will be installed at different locations during festival in Hyderabad as per makers.

In one of the idols, we can see Ganesha,in the form of Baahubali, standing on elephant and carrying bow and arrow.

Previously we have seen same form of idols when Baahubali was also released.

















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