Baahubali 2 Review: Captivates Audience Throughout

Baahubali 2, released on Friday, is captivating throughout. It is on par with Hollywood movies. Rajamouli has enhanced the reputation of Indian movie industry with this film. Reviewer’s rating: 4/5.

Hyderabad: Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? This is the question that was haunting every filmi buff in the country. As the Baahubali ends with a cliff hanger, the anticipation amongst the fans can be justified. Baahubali 2: The conclusion provides all the answers to the questions raised by the first part. Directed by SS Rajamouli, the film is on par with international standards. The much awaited movie got released on Friday in 9000 theatres across the world. Let’s see what the film offers to the audience.

Amarendra Bahubali (Prabhas) will be preparing to ascend the throne of Mahishmati kingdom as commanded by Rajamata Sivagami (Ramya Krishna). The prince who wanted to know the problems of the people takes up a visit in disguise and falls in love with princess of Kuntala – Devasena. Without revealing his identity, he goes to Kuntala kingdom and stays in the palace trying to persuade Devasena to love him. At the same time jealous Bhallaladeva (Rana) succeeds in stopping the coronation of Bahubali.

Though, Bahubali doesn’t become the king, he was the most charismatic and popular person amongst the people. Unable to accept the fact, Bhallaladeva makes lives of Bahubali and Devasena miserable. Why does Sivagami who loves Bahubali stop him from ascending the throne? Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali though he loves him from the bottom of his heart? These questions and the way they are answered makes the narrative gripping.

After the release of Bahubali, the prestige of Telugu cinema was enhanced across the world as the director Rajamouli could shoot every scene as he visualised. Bahubali 2 only added to it. By elevating heroism and moulding an ordinary story into an extraordinary one and perfect screen play, world class graphics – ‘Bahubali 2 : The conclusion’ had it all.
With an extraordinary scene every fifteen minutes that grips the audience, Rajamouli enhanced the image of the movie. While the scenes of Prabhas at Anushka’s home are the best, the war scenes mesmerize the fans. The suspense has been maintained till the end. The emotional sequences between Ramyakrishna, Anushka, Prabhas throughout film add flavor to the film.

Technical Departments: The sets were artistic and massive. The credit goes to art director Cyril. The world class visual effects and the wonderful cinematography add to the richness of the film. Cinematography by Senthil makes you glued to the screen.

Music given by Keeravani is one of its strengths. The music he composed is as usual enthralling. Apart from the director the credit goes to the writer Vijayendra Prasad. He gave life to each character. That is the reason why the characters of Amarendra Bahubali, Kattappa, Devasena, Bijjaladeva and Sivagami haunt the audience.

The shots between Prabhas and Anushka were beautiful and enticing. Rajamouli succeeded in bringing out the best of the entire cast. All the actors competed in their performance. .

Artists Performance: Prabhas gave life to the character of Amarendra Baahubali and Baahubali. The screen presence of Anushka as the princess of Kuntala is amazing.

Rana is at his best in the role of Bhallaladeva. The body language and expression of emotions exhibited what villanism is. Ramyakrishna continued her best performance as Rajamata Sivagami. Satyaraj was immersed in the role of Kattappa. He entertained and engaged the audience throughout the film. He showed his mettle in the comedy track too. Though there are no significant weaknesses in the film, the director should have allowed Tamanna to speak more in the movie.

Finally the movie is perfect end to the first part of Baahubali- The Beginning. Its a must watch film by every movie lover which makes u feel cool during this hot breezy summer.

Rating: 4/5
Review by- Sarath Chandra

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