Baahubali 2 Release Faces Hurdles In TN And Karnataka

Film Slated For Release on April 28th Across Globe is facing fresh troubles in South

Chennai: Magnum Opus, multilingual, mega budget and a much awaited movie of the year – Baahubali 2, is facing fresh hurdles in Tamil Nadu prior to its release.

Chennai-based Ace Media filed a case against Sharavanan of Sri Green Productions for the unpaid dues amounting to Rs. 1.18 crores. The loan was given to Sharavanan for theatrical rights in Tamil Nadu for the screening of Baahubali 2. According to the agreement between the two parties, it should be repaid prior to the release of the film.A�A�Ace Media alleged in the complaint thatA�A�Sri Green Productions tried to sell the rights to the third party without clearing theA�amount.

TheA�suitA�further seeks that the film should be stopped from being distributed and screening across Tamil Nadu as the party is trying to avoid the repayment before release.

Film facing hurdles in Karnataka too:

A pro-Kannada group has launched a protest in Bellary over the screening of Bahubali trailer in Karnataka. The reason is the negative speech of Satyaraj over the Cauvery water issue. Those adverse remarks did not gel well with a group of Kannadigas. So Karnataka Rakshana Vedike held a protest in Karnataka on this issue. It may be mentioned here that Satyaraj played a prominent role as Kattappa in the movie. So the members of the group raised anti-Satyaraj slogans.The group is also demanding to impose a ban on Bahubali film featuring Satyaraj.

Vatal Nagaraj, President of Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha called for a bandh on the release day of Baahubali and a massive rally is planned in Bangalore onA�28th AprilA�against Satyraja alias Kattappa demanding an apology.


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