Baahubali 2: Rana’s Shocking Secret Goes Viral

Rana, the villain in Baahubali, has shocked the audience by telling them that he cannot see with his right eye. This news created a tsunami of sorts on social media.

Hyderabad: The beauty with Baahubali is that both hero Prabhas and villain Rana, Bhallala Deva, have become equally popular. In this background, the shocking revelation made by Rana is going viral onA�social media. It is not about the fantastic movie. It is about himself. Rana can see only with one eye. His right eye does not work. Rana revealed this when he attended the TV show ‘ Neenu Saitam’ hosted by Manchu Laxmi.

The theme of the programme was to instill confidence in the people who are in trouble. Rana opened his heart in this humane programme. He said God creates problem only for those who have guts to face them. ‘You know one thing. I have only one eye. I cannot see with one of my eyes,’ said Rana, shocking the audience. After Laxmi said Rana cannot see with his right eye, Rana himself said the right eye was donated to him by the family of a person who died. “If I close the left eye I cannot see anything,” he told the audience.

Rana inculcated confidence in the two girls who participated in the programme and said he would help them overcome the problems. The video showing Rana uttering these words is creating a sort of tsunami onA�social media.

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