Baahubali 2: What Was Rajamouli’s Remuneration?

The talk in the Tollywood at the present is about the remuneration that Rajamouli was paid for his directorial brilliance by the producers of Baahubali. Can you guess?

Hyderabad: All the successful Tollywood directors are comfortable. They are paid good remuneration. The top directors who have been giving hits continuously are reportedly getting ₹ 25 crore as a remuneration for one movie. Then what could be the remuneration offered to the ace director SS Rajamouli who gave the biggest hit of India?

The Jakkanna of Telugu cinema has spent five years of his life to carve the beginning and conclusion of Baahubali. How much remuneration he had taken for super business the two films had made?

The talk has it that Rajamouli was rewarded handsomely for his superlative effort. The usually reliable sources say that Rajamouli has entered into an agreement beforehand with the producers according to which he would get one-thirds of the profits. Besides this, the expenses of Rajamouli’s family these five years were borne by Arka Media, the producer of the blockbuster. The stars and directors usually keep the details of remuneration under wraps. Rajamouli would be the last person to brag about his hefty remuneration. Whatever may be case, the producer would be happy to pay more than he initially agreed to since the film has brought them international recognition and reputation

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