Baahubali 2 Producers Should Sponsor Mental Health Check Ups : RGV

Mumbai: Ramgopal Verma, known for nasty twitter comments came up once again on Baahubali 2. RGV felt that those who do not like Baahubali 2 need psychiatric help.

He also sent a message to producers of the film which say that Shobhu Yarlagadda should sponsor Mental health Check Ups for those who disliked Baahubali 2, magnum opus.

He also responded to Shobhu’s tweet of “Baahubali Storm In US”. RGV said ” Sir, calling storm is insulting Baahubali, ….its a Typhoon having intercourse with a volcano to produce lots of baby earthquakes.

RGV applauded flick with his continuous tweets which are as follows:

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