Baahubali 2: Man Torches 10 Bikes For Screening Baahubali Instead Of Kannada Movie

A Kannada zealot at Hoskote in Karnataka in a fit of rage torched ten bikes at a theatre for screening Baahubali instead of Kannada movie.

Bengaluru: Baahubali 2 crossed main hurdle in Karnataka after pro – Kannada self respect activists protested for apology from actor Satyaraj for his remarks during Kauvery tussle between Jarnataka and Tamil Nadu. After Satyaraj openly came out with apology, release of the movie went on smoothly and created day one collection record in Karnataka, breaking previous record of Late Raj Kumar’s flick.

A 20 year old Santhosh, walked with 2 cans of petrol into parking area of Baahubali screening theatre and lit fire to 10 bikes on Saturday.

This incident happened in Karnataka’s Hoskote and main reason for this incident was screening a Telugu film instead of Kannada one.

Alankar Theatre of Hoskote was pet for Rajkumar’s flicks which witnessed bikes gutted in parking lot by a person named Santhosh, who works in a medical store.

Police claim that the incident was due to fit of rage felt by Santhosh who was arrested on the spot and sent to judicial custody.

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