Baahubali 2 Leaves Regional Films Without Theatres

‘Baahubali : the conclusion’ occupied 6,500 theatres across the country and the regional films are bearing the brunt as they are taken off the screens. Small budget filmmakers are agonised by the development.

New Delhi: As the sensational film ‘Baahubali :the Conclusion’ was released on Friday in 6,500 theatres across the country, the regional and small budget films are bearing the brunt. Since almost all the multiplexes and theatres in every city and town across the country competed to screen Bahubali 2, the regional films and their makers demand more attention owing to their grave situation.

The mega budget film has become a serious threat to regional films. This situation led to filmmakers like Kaushik Ganguly to take to twitter to reveal that his national- award winning Bengali film Bihorjaon is losing theatres in its own State.

“They are Bahubalis & we are Bengalis. They rule & we surrender! But for how long? Bishorjon losing theatres and shows in its own state! SAD,” he wrote.

Answering to a question on Twitter he said, “my audience stays focused and bears the inconvenience of having lesser shows. Hope it will be better in the 4th week.”.

The situation is no way different in Karnataka. Many Kannada and Telugu films were taken off screens for the mega release of Bahubali across Karnataka.

Kannada film director P C Shekar said that the exhibitors removed his Kannada film Raaga in 65 theatres in the State a week after its release to screen Bahubali. Angry Shekar also alleged that the theatre owners denied his requests to save some shows for Raaga.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce former president K V Chandrashekar justifying their action said that Raaga had less box office collection is the reason for the show being taken off. No exhibitor will take off a film from a theatre if box office collection is good, said Chandrashekar. He was screening another Kannada film Raajakumara in his theatres for the fifth week at a stretch.

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