Baahubali 2: Kattappa’s Unconditional Apology To Kannadigas

With Satyaraj’s unconditional apology to Kannadigas, the controversy surrounding Bahubali 2 screening in Karnataka should end. The bandh call should also be withdrawn.

Bengaluru: Kattappa has at last broken his silence and profusely apologised to the Kannadigas for his remarks made nine years ago. He read out his apology in Kannada on Friday afternoon. Satyaraj, a Tamilian who played the role of Kattappa, an important character in Bahubali 1&2, has said his comments should not affect the film.

Satyaraj said he would continue to speak out on issues. What he said during Cauvery water dispute was not aimed at Kannadigas, he stated. At the same time, he tendered his apology for hurting the sentiments of Kannadigas. If Vatala Nagaraju and other leaders of Kannada self-respect movement accept Satyaraj’s unconditional apology, the controversy should end and the bandh call withdrawn.

Reasons for resistance: Baahubali 2 was facing hurdles with more than 45 organisations in Karnataka ranged against the release of the India’s most prestigious flick. The only reason protestors are claiming is refusal by Satyaraj to apologise for his statement which was made 9 years ago. That reason is no more valid. Satyaraj is neither the hero nor the producer nor a stakeholder in the movie.

According to film industry sources, Baahubali 1 collected more than a�? 40 crore gross in Karnataka which proved the power of a Telugu film in kannada region. Usually Telugu flicks make a�? 7 to a�? 9 crore gross, but the figure of Baahubali 1 reportedly worried the bigwigs among the kannada producers.

Reliable sources from Telugu industry say that there are Kannada producers and distributor behind this agitation to halt the Baahubali 2 which is expected to touch a�? 50 crore gross thus beating all previous records of Karnataka.
Certainly Baahubali 2 created ripples all over India and Kannada Industry brought sensitive issue to the fore to break the wave created by the magnum opus.

Director Rajamouli appealed to Kannadigas to allow screening of the film. Legal options were not considered since it is an emotional issue and only an apology by Satyaraj would satisfy the Kannada activists.

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