Baahubali 2: Karnataka CM Could Not Escape Mania

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah could not escape the hype created by the extravaganza called Baahubali 2 and had to buy ticket paying more than five times to the limit his government had set.

Bengaluru: Baahubali 2 mania is spreading all over the World with record-breaking collections. Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah is no exception to this rule and he fell for the mania created by Rajamoulia��s magnum opus.

Siddiramiah went to watch Baahubali 2 with his children and grand children in Bengaluru for 1.30 pm show on the hot day.

Baahubali 2 wave touched Karnataka CM at Orion Mall multiplex who bought highest ticket to view the flick.

As per sources, CM bought the ticket for a whopping price of a�? 1050 which is an awkward thing to do for a CM.

Siddiramiah, who previously stated that price hike in multiplexes should not exceed a�? 200 was caught in Baahubali 2 mania.

It should be noted that there is no price cap for multiplexes in Karnataka which should be implemented and fixed at a�? 200 as per State Governmenta��s GO. This norm is observed in Telugu states.

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