Baahubali-2 To Hit Fiji Islands

Hyderabad: It’s unstoppable for Baahubali 2 in smashing records all over India. This magnum opus slated for release on April 28 is creating waves even prior to its release. It started breaking records, first with the trailer which became seventh most watched online video within 24 hours. Now it crossed 100 million views already, which is highest number of views on you tube and still count is only increasing by the day.

With just one block buster, Rajamouli has lifted the profile of South Indian Cinema to an International level. Thanks to S.S Rajamouli’s Baahubali.

Now another rare fete by this extravaganza flick which is going to be first in Indian cinema, hitting 6500 screens on day one across India, highest ever for any Indian movie.

Now the craze has crossed beyond boundaries touching Australia and New Zealand along with Fizi Islands.

Film is slated to hit 35 screens in Australia, in New Zealand it will touch 18 screens and Fizi will witness 8 screens, all of Hindi Version.

Great India Films, a leading distribution in US is planning to release more than 800 screens, out of which 50 will be IMAX, which is another Unique record for Indian Cinema in US.

Sudhakar Reddy of Great India Films is confident about Bahubali-2 in collecting a gross of $15 million and more. Sudhakar Reddy with his partner Soma paid a whopping price of $7 million plus for theatrical rights in all four languages.

As per their estimation, the film will gross more than $15 million, if so it will beat the holding record of Amir Khan’s Dangal which collected $12.3 million last year.

In North America, from 750 locations, Bahubali collected $9 million and the confidence of buyers look to be certainly crossing gross of $15 million plus for the conclusion.

Great India Films is planning to arrange a tour in the second week of April along with stars to boost up the prior release of flick Bahubali 2.


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Pawan’s Role In Baahubali 2 Success

What on earth Pawan Kalyan has to do with ‘Bahubali 2? The story writer says the power star inspired him indirectly to script the interval bang which has been liked most.

Hyderabad: ‘Baahubali : The Conclusion’ is getting encomiums from critics across globe. The magnum opus is shattering records worldwide with almost houseful collections.

Interval bang is getting huge applaud by audience, which we can say highlight of the flick. Film writer, Vijayendra Prasad, in his post interview revealed the secret and inspiration for that scene.

As per him, he went on to watch an event where Pawan kalyan’s fans keep on chanting slogans” Pawan, Pawan” for more than 5 minutes. The scene if watched by any other star would have felt a sharp pang of jealousy of power star, according to the writer. This hysteria towards Pawan made the writer to script the interval bang where Bhallaladeva is seen with anger and jealousy when people chant Baahubali’s name during coronation.

So indirectly there is Pawan’s mark in the success of Baahubali as per Vijayendra Prasad.

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Surprisng, YS Bharathi Tweets After A Long Gap

YSRC cadre are expressing happy to see Bharathi’s retweets and remarks.

Hyderabad: Sakshi Media ED and YS Jagan Mohan reddy’s wife YS Bharathi came on twitter after a long gap of 6 months which is surprising everyone.

She came up a tweet after TDP acted against YSRC social media workers, now her latest tweets belong to Tollywood which are as follows.


She also congratulated Kalathapsvi K.Vishwanath for being honoured with Dada Saheb Phalke award.

YSRC cadre are  surprised to see tweets from her and expressing happiness for activating her account with tweets after a long gap.

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Baahubali 2 Gets Praise From Union Minister Venkiah Naidu

Veteran Politician, Union Minister hailed the visual treat of the flick and congratulated The entire team

New Delhi: Baahubali 2 is praised by all celebrities across world  irrespective of field, now Union Minister joined hands in hailing the flick, here is the response by Minister through his tweet:


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Baahubali 2 Sets Enviable Record in US and Canada

California: Baahubali-The Conclusion created excellent  box office record in US-Canada on day one, on Thursday.The film released on previews became the highest collecting films in US/Canada on opening day. Normally its a huge achievement if an Indian film is seen in the top five on any given day but here  Baahubali-The Conclusion stands proudly in number one position.

Below are the top ten films in US/Canada on Thursday.

Top Ten Grossing in US / Canada (27/4/17)

1. Bahubali – The Conclusion – $2,625,000 apprx

2. The Fate Of The Furious – $1,940,625

3. Beauty And The Beast – $661,724

4. The Boss Baby – $526,624

5. Going In Style – $451,249

6. Born In China – $370,515

7. Gifted – $364,135

8. Unforgettable – $356,100

9. The Promise – $262,276

10. Smurfs – The Lost Village – $219,149

 The Collections of Baahubali-The Conclusion are estimates as some theaters are yet to report and includes estimates from independent theatres  which may not report.


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Baahubali 2 Collects More Than ₹100 crore On Day One

Baahubali 2 has established a new collection record for Indian cinema on day one. It was, of course, expected.

Mumbai: SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ started with a deafening roar breaking all collection records in day one. According to ‘Box Office India’ report Baahubali-2 has collected more than ₹100 crore on the first day. The business is expected to grow on Saturday and Sunday and also during the next week.

A problem has Auden in Tamil Nadu where the film was released disappointing the fans. Baahubali 2 producers Arka Media had not issued the KDM licences to theatres in TN as the local distributor, Raja Rajan of K Productions, had defaulted on the final settlement. However, the shows started in the afternoon as a compromise has been worked out in a smart way.

In Kerala too Baahubali had faced problems. The film opened with early morning show in Kerala on Friday in 306 screens. But there was clash of interest between multiplexes and local distributor Global United Media as a result of which there were no shows till afternoon.

The national multiplex players had come down after seeing the huge disappointment among the fans who included women and children. In spite of the starting troubled, both the States reported record collections.

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Baahubali 2 Leaves Regional Films Without Theatres

‘Baahubali : the conclusion’ occupied 6,500 theatres across the country and the regional films are bearing the brunt as they are taken off the screens. Small budget filmmakers are agonised by the development.

New Delhi: As the sensational film ‘Baahubali :the Conclusion’ was released on Friday in 6,500 theatres across the country, the regional and small budget films are bearing the brunt. Since almost all the multiplexes and theatres in every city and town across the country competed to screen Bahubali 2, the regional films and their makers demand more attention owing to their grave situation.

The mega budget film has become a serious threat to regional films. This situation led to filmmakers like Kaushik Ganguly to take to twitter to reveal that his national- award winning Bengali film Bihorjaon is losing theatres in its own State.

“They are Bahubalis & we are Bengalis. They rule & we surrender! But for how long? Bishorjon losing theatres and shows in its own state! SAD,” he wrote.

Answering to a question on Twitter he said, “my audience stays focused and bears the inconvenience of having lesser shows. Hope it will be better in the 4th week.”.

The situation is no way different in Karnataka. Many Kannada and Telugu films were taken off screens for the mega release of Bahubali across Karnataka.

Kannada film director P C Shekar said that the exhibitors removed his Kannada film Raaga in 65 theatres in the State a week after its release to screen Bahubali. Angry Shekar also alleged that the theatre owners denied his requests to save some shows for Raaga.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce former president K V Chandrashekar justifying their action said that Raaga had less box office collection is the reason for the show being taken off. No exhibitor will take off a film from a theatre if box office collection is good, said Chandrashekar. He was screening another Kannada film Raajakumara in his theatres for the fifth week at a stretch.

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Baahubali 2: Mind blowing Collections in UAE

UAE: It is a proud moment for Tollywood, Baahubali 2 released with a storm in UAE and collections were too strong, breaking all previous records.

Opening Day collections of UAE was shared by Umair Sandhu, Editor of Indian Cinema Magazine,

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Baahubali 2 Review: Captivates Audience Throughout

Baahubali 2, released on Friday, is captivating throughout. It is on par with Hollywood movies. Rajamouli has enhanced the reputation of Indian movie industry with this film. Reviewer’s rating: 4/5.

Hyderabad: Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? This is the question that was haunting every filmi buff in the country. As the Baahubali ends with a cliff hanger, the anticipation amongst the fans can be justified. Baahubali 2: The conclusion provides all the answers to the questions raised by the first part. Directed by SS Rajamouli, the film is on par with international standards. The much awaited movie got released on Friday in 9000 theatres across the world. Let’s see what the film offers to the audience.

Amarendra Bahubali (Prabhas) will be preparing to ascend the throne of Mahishmati kingdom as commanded by Rajamata Sivagami (Ramya Krishna). The prince who wanted to know the problems of the people takes up a visit in disguise and falls in love with princess of Kuntala – Devasena. Without revealing his identity, he goes to Kuntala kingdom and stays in the palace trying to persuade Devasena to love him. At the same time jealous Bhallaladeva (Rana) succeeds in stopping the coronation of Bahubali.

Though, Bahubali doesn’t become the king, he was the most charismatic and popular person amongst the people. Unable to accept the fact, Bhallaladeva makes lives of Bahubali and Devasena miserable. Why does Sivagami who loves Bahubali stop him from ascending the throne? Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali though he loves him from the bottom of his heart? These questions and the way they are answered makes the narrative gripping.

After the release of Bahubali, the prestige of Telugu cinema was enhanced across the world as the director Rajamouli could shoot every scene as he visualised. Bahubali 2 only added to it. By elevating heroism and moulding an ordinary story into an extraordinary one and perfect screen play, world class graphics – ‘Bahubali 2 : The conclusion’ had it all.
With an extraordinary scene every fifteen minutes that grips the audience, Rajamouli enhanced the image of the movie. While the scenes of Prabhas at Anushka’s home are the best, the war scenes mesmerize the fans. The suspense has been maintained till the end. The emotional sequences between Ramyakrishna, Anushka, Prabhas throughout film add flavor to the film.

Technical Departments: The sets were artistic and massive. The credit goes to art director Cyril. The world class visual effects and the wonderful cinematography add to the richness of the film. Cinematography by Senthil makes you glued to the screen.

Music given by Keeravani is one of its strengths. The music he composed is as usual enthralling. Apart from the director the credit goes to the writer Vijayendra Prasad. He gave life to each character. That is the reason why the characters of Amarendra Bahubali, Kattappa, Devasena, Bijjaladeva and Sivagami haunt the audience.

The shots between Prabhas and Anushka were beautiful and enticing. Rajamouli succeeded in bringing out the best of the entire cast. All the actors competed in their performance. .

Artists Performance: Prabhas gave life to the character of Amarendra Baahubali and Baahubali. The screen presence of Anushka as the princess of Kuntala is amazing.

Rana is at his best in the role of Bhallaladeva. The body language and expression of emotions exhibited what villanism is. Ramyakrishna continued her best performance as Rajamata Sivagami. Satyaraj was immersed in the role of Kattappa. He entertained and engaged the audience throughout the film. He showed his mettle in the comedy track too. Though there are no significant weaknesses in the film, the director should have allowed Tamanna to speak more in the movie.

Finally the movie is perfect end to the first part of Baahubali- The Beginning. Its a must watch film by every movie lover which makes u feel cool during this hot breezy summer.

Rating: 4/5
Review by- Sarath Chandra

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Baahubali 2 A Hit: Twitter Trends

Twitter Flooded With Praises For The film From Celebrities Of Tollywood

Hyderabad: The biggest Pan Indian Film Baahubali 2 won applause from people across World. Here are the tweets by celebrities of Tollywood.

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Baahubali 2: Rajamouli Team Fighting Pirates

Baahubali-2 has found its way into internet, thanks to the pirates. The producers and the director are battling with the problem

Hyderabad: Baahubali-2 could not escape the piracy problem and the film was streamed in online media even before it was released on Friday.

The producers got ready to block piracy links. Rajamouli team has appealed to the people to inform them if they find any pirated links in internet. The team had asked the people to send the links to ‘, It had warned that those who indulge in piracy would be punished severely. Rajamouli and his colleagues have requested the people to see the prestigious movie in theatres.

The film was released on Friday throughout the world. Benefit shows were not permitted at a number of places in Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru.

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Baahubali 2 Faces Hurdle In TN

With praises getting poured on Baahubali 2 from entire World, Chennai people has to wait for few hours to watch the magnum opus on big screen

Chennai: With praises getting poured on Baahubali 2 from entire World, Chennai people has to wait for few hours to watch the magnum opus on big screen.

Morning shows across TN cancelled on day one, reason still the financial dispute between distributors and producers of the flick.

It is the producers who did not nod for the morning shows in TN and no show should be screened before 11AM as per producers.

Fans gathered at Rohini theatre at wee hours ( 3 AM) and were shocked to know that morning shows were cancelled.

Theatre management came up with a notice that all morning shows of 7.15 and 8.15 were cancelled across TN. Meanwhile tickets were sold out up to May 4th in Chennai and fans has to wait for few hours to know why Kattappa killed Baahubali.

Fans, who are dishearten are with a hope that problem will be solved by 11 Am and shows will be screened.

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Baahubali 2 Leads To Caste War In Godavari Districts

There have been sporadic clashes between the fans of heroes Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan before the release of Baahubali-2 in Godavari districts because of the alleged bias shown by Naidu Government.

Rajamahendravaram: Baahubali 2 , magnum opus, mania is running all over the globe with positive talk and record collections on day one. But the story is different in Telugu state, Andhra Pradesh. It led to clashes between two castes which have been trying to gain an upper hand in Godavari districts. The main reason for the present war is Government’s decision of giving permission for extra shows for Baahubali 2.

Chiranjeevi, Mega Star, a major force for Kapu community came back with a bang with his film Khaidi No 150 after a gap of 8 years. Chiranjeevi’s fans and Kapu leaders tried for benefit shows across AP,  permission for which was denied by AP Government. Same scene repeated for Pawan’s flick Katamrayudu and Government faced anger from Kapu youth for cancelling extra shows of Jana Sena’s Chief Pawan Kalyan’s Katamarayudu.

For Baahubali 2, AP Government passed a special ‘GO’ to screen six shows per day which triggered tension in East and West Godavari districts.

Violent scenes were witnessed in Bhimavaram and Amalapuram on Thursday night near theatres where clashes between Prabhas’ and Pawan’s fans took place.

In Amalapuram, four cars were damaged, a theatre was damaged after Pawan’s fans went on rampage.

In Bhimavaram , section 144 was imposed near theatre and in town.

In Rajahmundry there was a flexi-war between the fans of these two top actor.

In Kakinada, Tense situation is there near theatres with slogans raising in favour of both Pawan and Prabhas by their fans.

It is now up to the heroes to cool down their fans and bring situation back to normal.

It is the Government which was responsible for the unseemly caste war

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RGV tweets on Baahubali 2, says flick is a Dinosaur

Mumbai: Baahubali mania gripped globe on Friday with reports positive for the flick and Indian Cinema Industry is heading for a new record all over with this flick. RGV came up with sensational tweet and here it is:

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Baahubali 2 Breaks Record In US

California: Baahubali 2, this wave will run at least for a month as per present scenario. It created storms prior release and still counting, this film will be the first ever to touch 1000 crore mark in business as per trade pundits.

In US, Baahubali 2 created record by minting 3million dollars in pre sales of tickets as per Distributor Great Indian Films.

As per the statement from Great Indian Films, ‘We have passed $ 3m in pre-sales and are adding $100,000 to the total for every hour. This is highest for an Indian film in advance tickets’.

Baahubali 2  will be touching nearly 1100 screens in US.

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Baahubali 2 Mumbai Premieres Called Off

Mumbai: Karan Johar was so jubilant up to few hours back about Baahubali 2 premieres, but was abrupt after hearing the news of sudden demise of Vinod Khanna.

Ace Director Rajamouli said’ As a mark of respect to the legendary actor, premieres of Baahubali 2 are cancelled. Rest in peace Vinod Khanna ji’.

The veteran actor acted in 141 films. He is an MP of the BJP. He was elected from Gurdaspur Lok Sabha constituency in Punjab for three times. Vinod Khanna,70, had acted in films from 1968 and 2013. He was born on 6 October 1946 at Peshawar, now in Pakistan. Known to be a generous man who was always ready to help the needy was married twice. His first wife was Geetanjali and the present partner is Kavita Khanna. He divorced Geetanjali in 1985 and married Kavita in 1990. He has three sons and one daughter.

Vinod Khanna’s popular films include Gaddar, Mera Gao Mera Desh, Jail Yatra, Imtihaan, Kuchhe Daage, Amar Akbar Antony, Qurbani and Kudrat. He was a follower of spiritual guru Osho Rajneesh.

Khanna joined politics in 1997 and got elected on BJP ticket from Gurdaspur in 1998. He became a Union Minister for Culture and Tourism in 2002 in Atal Behari Vajpayee’s Government.  Later he became Minister of State in the Ministry of External Affairs. Khanna had lost in 2009 elections but got elected again in 2014.


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Baahubali 2 in record number of Cinemark XD and Large screens in US

This is the first Indian movie to be released in these many number of Large screens in North America.

California:Great India Films is extremely proud to share that Baahubali 2 will be screened in record number of Extreme Digital (XD) screens in Cinemark, ATMOS screens, RPX in Regal and other Mega screens. This is the first Indian movie to be released in these many number of Large screens in North America.

A Gigantic release of Gigantic film on Gigantic wall to wall screen.

Enjoy the true big screen entertainment.

Telugu Large Screen List (Scroll down for Hindi and Tamil list)  
ATMOS Dolby XD Screens
CA Fremont Pacific Commons 16
CA Playa Vista Playa Vista 9
FL Tampa Xscape Theatres Riverview 14
IL Chicago Chicago Showplace ICON
MN Plymouth Mann Theatres Plymouth Grand 15
MN Saint Louis Park Minneapolis Showplace ICON
NC Cary Frank Theatres Cary
NJ Hopwell Xscape Theatres Howell 14
TX Plano Cinemark West Plano 20
XD (Cinemark Wall to Wall Large Screen)
CA Los Angeles Cinemark 18 and XD (Los Angeles, CA)
CA Los Angeles Orange Stadium Promenade 25 + XD (Orange, CA)
CA Los Angeles Playa Vista 9 + XD (3/12) (Los Angeles, CA) – ATMOS
CA Sacramento Roseville 14 (Roseville, CA)
CA San Francisco Century at Pacific Commons + XD (Fremont, CA) – ATMOS
CA San Francisco Union City 25 + XD (Union City, CA)
CO Denver Century Aurora + XD (Aurora, CO)
DE Newark Cinemark Christiana and XD
FL Miami Paradise 24 + XD (Davie, FL)
IA West Des Moines W. Des Moines Jordan Creek + XD (West Des Moines, IA)
KY Louisville Cinemark Tinseltown + XD (Louisville, KY)
LA Baton Rouge Cinemark Perkins Rowe + XD (Baton Rouge, LA)
MD Baltimore Egyptian 24 + XD (Hanover, MD)
MO Kansas City Cinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD (Merriam, KS)
NV Las Vegas Las Vegas South Point 16 + XD (Las Vegas, NV)
OH Cincinnati Cinemark Oakley Station + XD (Cincinnati, OH)
OH Columbus Polaris 18 + XD (Columbus, OH)
OH Dayton Dayton South 16 + XD (West Carrollton, OH)
OK Oklahoma City Cinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD (Oklahoma City, OK)
PA Philadelphia Cinemark Movies 16 + XD (Somerdale, NJ)
PA Pittsburgh Cinemark Robinson Township + XD (Robinson Township, PA)
TX Austin Tinseltown 20 + XD (Pflugerville, TX)
TX Dallas Cinemark West Plano 20 + XD (Plano, TX) – ATMOS
TX Dallas Legacy 24 + XD (Plano, TX)
TX Frisco Cinemark Frisco Square + XD (Frisco, TX)
TX Houston Cinemark 19 + XD (Katy, TX)
TX Houston Tinseltown 290 16 + XD (Houston, TX)
UT West Jordan Cinemark 24 + XD (West Jordan, UT)
VA Washington Fairfax Corner 14 + XD (Fairfax, VA)
Baahubali 2 Telugu Regal RPX Wall to Wall
NY Nanuet Nanuet Mall 12 & RPX,
TN Nashville Hollywood 27 & RPX
Baahubali 2 on other Large Screens
MO Chesterfield Marcus Chesterfield Galaxy 14 + Mega

Hindi Large Screen List
Baahubali 2 Hindi on Regal RPX Wall to Wall Screen

Tamil Large Screen List
Baahubali 2 Tamil on Regal RPX Wall to Wall Screen

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Baahubali 2 New Record: One Million Tickets Online in One Day

The magnum opus that is on a spree of creating records has set yet another one by selling one million tickets online in just 24 hours.

New Delhi: The magnum opus film ‘Baahubali: The conclusion’ has created yet another record.

The film directed by SS Rajamouli has already created many records in the Indian film industry. Now, it has created yet another record by selling a million tickets in just 24 hours.

An online portal ‘Book my show’ revealed this information. The other film for which the highest numbers of tickets were sold online was Aamir Khan’s film Dangal.

Only a few hours are left to know why Kattappa killed Baahubali? The film is getting released in nine thousand theatres across the world. In India itself, it will be screened in 6,500 theatres. The fans have already queued up before the theatres for tickets.

Meanwhile, the portal staff was elated. Ashish Saxena revealing the counts said that they did not expect such a record booking.  He said that maximum tickets were sold in Southern parts of the country. The staff at the portal was surprised at the huge response. It is learnt that all the tickets in multiplexes were already booked for a whole week.

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California: Press Note from Great India Films USA:

In a first for a South Indian film, all hard drives and KDM’s have arrived at the cinemas 24 hours prior to the first show.  As a result, there will be no issues with show cancellations or delays in even the smallest of markets.  We would like to thank the producers Arka Media of the film as well as Real Image/Que Cinema, Digital Cinema United, and IMAX for facilitating such a large and challenging release in a smooth fashion.

Also, we are proud to announce that advance ticket sales have already eclipsed the highest-grossing Indian film (of any language) on opening day.  We have passed $3 million in pre-sales and are adding almost $100,000 to this total every hour.  Make sure, if you haven’t already, to book your tickets in advance to avoid the disappointment of going back from a sold-out show.  With many theatres having reserved and luxury seating, as well as large-screen and IMAX formats, we have something available for everybody.  The film is also releasing in a record-breaking 425 theatres with over 1100 screens in North America alone.

Keep your eyes peeled here for additional breaking news as additional records are sure to fall throughout the weekend.

Jai Mahishmati

Jai Hind

For latest updates follow twitter @greatindiafilms, facebook @greatindiafilms

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SS Rajamouli: Baahubali of Indian cinema

SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2: The conclusion is releasing on Friday all over the world. The magnum opus, touted as the biggest and most spectacular film ever made in India in five languages, is slated to break all the previous records. Cine buffs’ expectations are palpable and they can be gauged from the advance sale of tickets. Is Rajamouli going to be the Baahubali of Indian cinema?


Madhusudhana Rao S

The whole country seems to be in the grip of Baahubali fever. On the eve of the release of sequel to Baahubali 1: The Beginning, movie lovers and the media in the two Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have nothing else to talk except Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

The hype created by the media and the unprecedented promotions launched by the film producers around the world are as phenomenal as the making of the film. The extraordinary interest the film generated can be attributed to the mystery cleverly embedded in the first part – Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? The answer has been left to the rich imagination of cine goers and for two years they have been scratching their heads, proffering various explanations.  On Friday, the question that has been tickling millions of Baahubali fans across the world will be answered.

But what unfolds on thousands of screens in India and the US and Canada is more than un-riddling of a puzzle: A world that has never been presented to Indian cine audience by a director who is mostly known to only South Indians; a fantasy woven around characters who spring to life straight from Indian mythological stories depicting valour, honour, gallantry, among others; the fabled opulence and grandeur of ancient kingdoms, internecine battles for power and glory, clannish treachery, et al.

In other words, Rajamouli and his team have explored a world that is limited to folklore and mythology and projected it on to the screen in all its splendor. It’s a feat few producers and directors have ventured to do on such a grand scale as to rival Hollywood masterpieces of yesteryear.

Baahubali is comparable to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Avatar, which have wowed the audience worldwide in recent years for their story narrative, visual effects, cinematography, etc. But Baahubali excels in other departments, particularly song and dance which is the forte of Indian cinema in any language.

Baahubali 2 is being touted as bigger than its prequel and more spectacular than any other Indian film made so far. Without budget constraints and commitment to perfection, Rajamouli’s magnum opus has already broken several records and is going to set many others in the coming days.

For the record, Baahubali 2 will have the biggest ever release in India – about 6,500 screens readied for the show– and in almost all the theatres, including multiplexes, it is the only film to have five or six shows every day at least for a couple of weeks. In the US and Canada, where the film will hit 2,500 screens, the rate of advance booking sale is said to be $ 100,000 per hour! Considering the fact that Baahubali 2 is being released in five languages at the same time — Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam – its box office collections could surpass Rs 1000 crores, making it the first Indian movie to cross that mark.

In the last few days, the rage for the film has been such that when theatres started online booking, tickets had been sold out in a few hours despite the fact that Andhra Pradesh had given permission for cinemas to run six shows per screen per day and Telangana five. Scorching day temperature has not deterred Baahubali fans from standing in long queues to get tickets for any available show. It’s a different matter some might have sweated it out in heat and dust outside cinema halls to make a killing in the black market.

The mega budget, star-studded action-filled film with eye-popping sets and props shot with special effects is set to open a new chapter in the Indian cinema. Indeed, we have come a long way from the era of silent movies to mastering digital technology to enhance our audio-visual experience of cinema manifold. And, the credit goes to SS Rajamouli. He is truly the Baahubali of Indian cinema.

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Baahubali 2: Producer Shobu Accused Emirates Crew Of Racist Behaviour

Producer of ‘Baahubali-The Conclusion’ Shobu accused Emirates staff of rude behaviour. Shobu, Rajamouli, Prabhas, Rana and Anushka were returning from Dubai.

Hyderabad: Producer of Baahubali-2, Shobu Yarlagadda has complained on Wednesday of racist behaviour by the crew of Emirates flight.

Shobu was travelling by Emirates flight No 526 from Dubai to Hyderabad. Shobu,46, tweeted that the crew has misbehaved with Baahubali team. They were returning to Hyderabad after promoting the film in Dubai. He said the airlines staff at Gate B4 were very rude and harassed their team unnecessarily.

“I think one of the Emirates staff was being racist. I fly Emirates regularly and this is the first time I have come across this kind of attitude,” he tweeted. Shobu was accompanying director SS Rajamouli and actors Prabhas, Rana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty for the promotion of the movie.

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