Baahubali 2: Gang Threatens Producers To Release Online If Ransom Not Paid

There have been several attempts to screen pirated version of the blockbuster Baahubali 2 and some persons were arrested.

Hyderabad: Producers Council though taking preventive measures to stop piracy in all means, the gangsters are looking for new ways to pirate the copy and screen it online. Here is another story of a gang who downloaded Baahubali 2 Via Satellite and demanded a ransom amount from producers. They demanded a sum of Rs 15 lakh to stop uploading the flick on internet.

Hyderabad Cyber crime arrested six accused after a complaint was lodged by producers of Baahubali 2.

As per Devineni Prasad from Arka Media, a man called Rahul Mehta called by saying that he had a HD print of the film with him. He sent a sample of the file and said they will hold the copy for 3 days until they are paid.

On May 11th, Rahul was arrested from Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. There were arrests in the piracy case of Baahubali 1 from Madhya Pradesh as per police sources.

Owners of the Veeena Cinema hall, Monu and Diwakar made a digital copy of the film. Theatre belongs to Tivhra of Begusarai. 4 persons were arrested in this case and still 2 are onsconding.

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