B. Tech Graduates Among Four More Arrested in Drugs Case; Victims Not To Be Arrested

The Telangana State Excise and Enforcement Director has ruled out arrest of students who have become victims of the drug menace a�?keeping their future in mind.a�? They include students of reputed schools and colleges. The students have, however, been warned against treading the same path again.

Hyderabad:A� Four more arrests have been made in the sensational drugs bust case. While three of them were B. Tech graduates, another was working in a big gaming company, according to State Excise and Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal.

With this, the number of arrests made in the case has reached seven. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Sabharwal said the four arrested were mainly suppliers of drugs to the end users. Investigations have revealed many more addicts belonging to several reputed schools and colleges. a�?Victims would not be arrested keeping their future in mind,a�? he assured, but warned students from treading the same wrong path again.

Among the addicts were people who could afford Rs 4,000 per week. Excise and Enforcement Director observed that parents and teachers should be watchful whether their kids were taking drugs influenced by friends. Such information must be passed on to the police.

Sabharwal said their investigation was presently focussed on colleges and schools. They would then move on to interrogate film personalities and IT employees. Interrogation was on to extract information from those arrested regarding particulars of students taking drugs, and names of colleges and schools where drugs had been supplied, he added.

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