Ayesha Mira Case: Police To Fight Against Satyam Babua��s Exemption

Vijayawada: The decision by the High Court in freeing Satyam Babu will be challenged by cops of AP who felt surprised to see the decision when clear evidence is there against the culprit.

According to police, how could any court rule out the prime evidence of DNA test which matched Satyam Babu and Ayesha?

Police strongly believe that something went wrong and said they will correct themselves. a�?We are just waiting for HC judgement copy. We did not expect this type of verdict after submitting scientific proof,a�? said Gowtham Sawang, Vijayawada City Police Commissioner.

a�?Satyam Babu explained how he committed crime which was recorded in video, we are really surprised,a�? said another senior police officer.

What will be the future of Satyam Babu who spent 8 years in jail and recently released by HC is a big question?

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