Ayesha Mira Case a�� Naidu Favours Reinvestigation As Cops Prefer Appeal

The case of Ayesha Mira’s murder had been taking twists and turns with the reported decision of AP Chief Minister to order reinvestigation where as the police officers stick to their guns and plead for his permission to appeal against the HC judgment declaring the main accused Satyam Babu innocent.

Amaravati: The sensational Ayesha Mira murder case is taking several twists and turns in Andhra Pradesh, particularly after the Hyderabad High Court acquitted Pidatala Satyam Babu, who had served 8 years in jail. The High Court judgment found fault with the police investigation and revealed how the police have framed the accused, Satyam Babu, in the case. This revelation had cast shadow on the police lowering the image of the department. While Satyam Babua��s family, the Dalit groups and the Human Rights organizations are jubilant over the acquittal, the police department is uncomfortable with the Court passing serious remarks over the functioning of the police department and recommending action against the police who were involved in the case. This had put the image of the department at its lowest, which the department wants to fight.

The police department justified its investigation fixing Satyam Babu as accused in the case and claimed that it can prove the charges against him. The department also wants to go for an appeal either in the High Court or Supreme Court against the acquittal of Satyam Babu and prove that they have done nothing wrong in the case and investigation was carried out sincerely scientifically gathering the evidences. The department had initially wanted to seek the permission of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to go for appeal against the acquittal of Satyam Babu. The police claim that the evidences collected from the scene of offence, the tests carried out on Satyam Babu and his own confession statements stand the legal scrutiny to establish the crime. A greater pressure by the department is now on the Chief Minister to accept and give clearance for an appeal against the acquittal. If the appeal is not permitted and the case is not proved against Satyam Babu, the department would have to initiate disciplinary action against the officers for which the department is not prepared. There would be a widespread resentment in the department if the officers involved in the investigation are to be punished as directed by the court and the department is not prepared for the same.

Meanwhile, Chandrababu Naidu is said to be in favour of reopening the case and fixing the real culprits. As the case occurred when he was the Leader of Opposition, Chandrababu Naidu demanded justice to the family of Ayesha Mira and had rejected the claims of the police at that time. He had even promised to reopen the case when his party returned to power. Now, the party is in power and his is holding the office. It is said that Chandrababu Naidu is planning to reopen the case as promised in the past to prove his sincerity or at least to prove his charges as opposition leader. He is said to be of the opinion that he can save the image of his party and the police department as well even if the case is reopened and Satyam Babu is proved to have been framed in the case. He can push the case on the Congress and save the police from being blamed claiming that the department had worked under the pressure of the Congress. This line of thought seems to have made Chandrababu comfortable to decide on reopening the case. It is also said that some of the senior leaders of the ruling party have also endorsed his line of argument and advised him to order for reopening of the case despite some resistance from the police department.

It is to be seen how Chandrababu Naidu would respond to the case as the parents of Ayesha Mira have already met him and pleaded for justice. The parents have also met Minister for IT Nara Lokesh and sought justice. Only time will tell what justice is in store for victim Ayesha Miraa��s family, the accused Satyam Babua��s family and the investigating police personnel.

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