Auto rickshaw driver buys rifle worth Rs. 5 lakh for his daughter

Ahmadabad: Manilal Gohil, an auto rickshaw driver from Ahmadabad, Gujarat, did not think twice before purchasing a German made rifle for his daughter Mittalbahen Gohil who is a national level shooter, paying Rs. 5 lakh.

Manilal knew that fulfilling the passion of his daughter was more important than getting her married. So he decided to use the five lakh rupees he had set aside for her marriage to buy a state of the art rifle so that she could take part in national level competitions with full confidence.

When they approached the local police officials for a license to keep the rifle, the latter could not believe that a rickshaw driver had managed to raise this much amount for buying a modern rifle for his daughter. The police praised his efforts and helped them complete the formalities quickly.
“My father and my family have sacrificed a lot just to fulfil my expensive hobby. After getting this rifle I will work hard to participate in international level and represent our country,” says Mittalbahen.

A bronze winner at the 57th All-India National Shooting Championships, Mittalbahen is now preparing for the upcoming national tournament in December 2016 with her new rifle.

Mittalbahen developed an interest in shooting after she saw some shooters practising when she passed by the Rifle Club in Ahmadabad in 2013. Though the family could not think of affording the expenses of the sport, Manilal took his daughter to the rifle club and arranged a rifle on a rental basis.

In spite of having minimal practice at the rifle club, she participated in the 57th All-India National Shooting Championships in 2013 and won a bronze medal. Then the family realised that it was not possible for Mittalbahen to make advancement in her career without having a rifle of her own.
It was then Manilal and her elder brother Jainish started saving money to buy a German rifle for Mittalbahen.

The rifle weights 8 kg and each bullet costs Rupees 31 and she needs to buy at least 1000 rounds to participate in a tournament. Now, buying these bullets has become a problem for the family.

We are sure with such hard work and perseverance, and a brand new rifle she is going to realise her potential!
Kudos to his father for being supportive and encouraging. We need more Indian parents like him!

– Primepost Bureau

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