Australia To Tighten Rules On Foreign Workers

Australia follows America in tightening its rules for foreign workers, targeting only for the highly skilled workers. The step will impact many Indian workers.

Washington (DC): Australia will follow America in dealing with its foreign workers by abolishing its present temporary visa program and replacing it with a new program that requires better English language proficiency, previous work experience, and labor market testing.

The country’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced on Tuesday the changes he intended to make to immigration program by abolishing 457 visas, the visas that bring temporary foreign workers into the country.

The new visa will better target genuine skill shortages, Turnbull said in a video posted on Facebook.

Experts say that the lack of jobs among Australians and the growing nationalism, as seen in the UK and the US recently popped up against globalization and exporting of jobs, resulted in a poor approval rating for Prime Minister Turnbull, forcing him to take this step.

The change will impact Indian students and workers who want to work in the country. Australia has been a place of opportunity for Indian techies, only next to America and the UK.

“We are putting jobs first. We are putting Australians first,” Turnbull said. “We will no longer allow 457 visas to export jobs that could and should go to Australians.”

However, Turnbull said that it was important for businesses to get access to the skills they need to grow and invest. So, he said the 457 visas would be replaced by a new temporary visas, specifically designed to recruit the best and the brightest in the national interest.

“We have single focus Australian jobs and Australian values,” Turnbull said

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Australian to assist AP on Water projects, to set up Water Science University

Amaravati: Under the Australia-AP Economic Cooperation Working Group, Australia and AP have identified water cooperation as a priority agenda item. Representatives from the Australian Consulate-General and the Australian Water Partnership met with Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, as part of the Australian water delegation to the State to discuss potential collaboration around the establishment of a Water Centre for Excellence and Water Science University in AP.  The team also proposed to collaborate with existing cities and Amaravati for exploring fruitful opportunities in ‘water sensitive cities’ area.

Subsequently the Australian team visited APCRDA and presented to Commissioner Cherukuri Sridhar and officials of CRDA about collaborating in building Amaravati as a world class ‘water sensitive capital city’.

The proposed AP-Australia Water Sensitive Cities Partnership serves as a strategic first step towards the Water Centre for Excellence.

It presents an opportunity for Australia to share its world-class capabilities in relation to urban water management by partnering with one of India’s most ambitious urban development projects- Amaravati.

By modernising and leapfrogging the linear evolution of water services, the aim of the project is to make Amaravati an exemplar for all of India regarding water sensitivity.

Tony Wong, CEO of the CRCWSC, along with Sean Kelly, Australian Consul-General to South India and his team were present in the delegation. Commissioner APCRDA had thanked the government of Australia, and CRCWSC for coming forward with such innovative and critical area of collaboration for Amaravati. He also expressed that APCRDA would sincerely look forward for materializing this partnership immediately.

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భారత సంతతికి చెందిన బస్ డ్రైవర్ సజీవదహనం

  • ఆస్ట్రేలియాలో దారుణం

సిడ్నీ: జాతివివక్షా ఆరోపణలను తరచు ఎదుర్కొనే ఆస్ట్రేలియాలో మరో దారుణ ఘటన జరిగింది. బ్రిస్బెన్ లో భారతీయసంతతికి చెందిన మన్మీత్ అలీషర్ అనే 29 ఏళ్ల బస్ డ్రైవర్ ను సజీవదహనం చేశారు. ఇతర ప్రయాణీకులు చూస్తుండగానే 48 ఏళ్ల వ్యక్తి మన్మీత్ పై మండే స్వభావంగల ద్రావకం పోసి నిప్పు అంటించాడు. అతనీ ఘాతుక చర్యకు పాల్పడడం వెనుక కారణం తెలియలేదు. బ్రిస్బేన్ నగరంలోని పంజాబీలలో మన్మీత్ మంచి గాయకుడిగా గుర్తింపు పొందాడు. అతను ప్రభుత్వ నిర్వహణలోని బస్ సర్వీసులలో డ్రైవర్ గా పనిచేస్తున్నాడు. తగలబడుతున్న బస్సు వెనక ద్వారాలను బద్దకొట్టి అందులోని ఆరుగురు ప్రయాణీకులను సురక్షితంగా బయటికి తీసుకొచ్చారు. ఇది జాతీవివక్షకు సంబంధించిన ఘటనగా కనిపించడంలేదని పోలీస్ కమిషనర్ అన్నారు. నేరస్తుని వెంటనే నిర్బంధంలోకి తీసుకున్నారు.

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South Africa make Aussies bite the dust in ODIs

CAPE TOWN: South Africa inflicted a first-ever five-match series whitewash on Australia by winning the final one-day international by 31 runs at New Lands on Wednesday. David Warner hit 173 runs without much support from team mates in response to South Africa’s score of 327 for 8 and were finally bundled out for 296 runs.

It is the first time that Australia has shown such a horrible display in ODIs in bilateral series. South Africa has won all the five one day internationals in the series.

However, world champions Australia will retain the No 1 ranking in ODIs with South Africa placed two points behind in second place.

Australian Captain Steven Smith praised David Warner for his outstanding performance in the match and blamed rest of the batsmen for their below par performance.

“Credit to South Africa, we’ve been outplayed in all the games,” he added. Australia’s in-experienced bowling attack was exposed in the series.

South Africa Captain Faf du Plessis paid tributes to David Warner’s incredible innings but praised his team for their grit and determination in their series triumph.

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