Attitude Of CMs Of Telugu States Angers Governor

While both States are resolving issues in meetings with the Governor, they are remaining on paper. The Governor is said to be angry with this attitude and questioning why they are failing in implementation.

Hyderabad: Even three years after bifurcation of the State, many issues between the two Telugu States are not resolved. As Governor ESL Narasimhan maintains good relations with chief ministers of two States, he is continued for the third term also. There are some vexing problems which need to be settled between two States. As a well-wisher of both CMs, Narasimhan volunteered to strike a compromise between them, in a bid to resolve the issues.

However, it is being said that he is angry with the attitude of chief ministers of two Telugu States with regard to implementation part of the decisions taken during meetings.

As no State is implementing decisions made, the Governor is said to be expressing anger. Sources reveal that he is not only expressing dissatisfaction but also finding fault with CMs of both Telugu States. He made it clear that unless both the Chief Ministers come to him for the resolution of bifurcation issues, he would not volunteer to resolve them. He is also questioning why both governments are not taking the implementation of decisions made during the meetings with Governor.

Apart from the existing problems, it is said that he is angry with the way both governments are dealing with the power dues issue. Letters and counter letters were fired and the decision was taken independently to stop the power supply. In this context, he is refusing to meet with the ministers’ committee.

The Telangana State Government passed a resolution last January seeking the custody of buildings that are under AP in the Hyderabad Secretariat. As it needed the Governora��s nod for this, it has sent the resolution to the government. The Governor personally sent a message to the AP government. It was decided that the committee of ministers should attend to resolve the issue. In this context, they reached consensus on 42 issues. But the implementation part was not taken up.

Particularly, it was decided that the both States CMDs should discuss and resolve the issue basing on reports, no action is being taken.

Sources said that Governor decided not to meet ministerial committees unless both chief ministers meet or involve in any issue.

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