Are Attempts Being Made to Scuttle Inquiry Into Drugs Case?

Rumours are rife that investigations into the Hyderabad drugs bust case are being sidetracked at the behest of the Telugu cine industry. The filmdom is facing flak with names of its prominent personalities appearing in the media in connection with drug abuse.

Hyderabad: Even as investigations into the Hyderabad drugs case are reaching a crucial stage, news has emerged that Akun Sabharwal, Director of the Excise and Enforcement Department, who is spearheading the probe, is going on leave.

Sources feel attempts are being made to sidetrack the drugsa�� bust, which has come as a major embarrassment for the Telugu cine industry, though drug users also include employees of multinational companies and school and college students.

Rumours are doing rounds that Akun Sabharwal is being pressurised to protect the positive relations between government leaders and cine industry big wigs. Incidentally, names of Ravi Teja, Puri Jagannath and a few other celebrities have emerged in the list of those who have been asked to present themselves for an interrogation by the Excise Department on the 19thA�of this month.

Parallels are being drawn with the Nayeem case, wherein names of several politicians and police officers had figured. Expectations were then high that at least a couple of them will be arrested and stringent action taken. Just then, a Special Investigation Team was formed to investigate the case. The SIT later closed the issue over want of sufficient evidence.

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It is suspected that with Akun Sabharwal, who is spearheading the investigation, going on leave, the drugsa�� case too will end up in a cold storage. Nothing much will come about and as time passes by, people will forget the whole issue.

Meanwhile, the Enforcement and Excise Director has maintained that his leave is purely for personal reasons and it was sanctioned to him two months after he had submitted his application. The timing of acceptance of his leave application itself is being questioned. Why should the leave be sanctioned at a time when the drugs case is at a crucial stage?

It is alleged that political pressure has been exercised owing to enormous pressure from the cine industry. Akun Sabharwala��s pending leave application has only come as a ruse to scuttle the investigation.

Speculations are also rife that the government is concerned over cine industry moving away from the State Capital a�?if its defamation over the drugs case continues.a�?

The bubble burst the day Ravi Tejaa��s brother, Bharat, died in a road accident and drug use was suspected. The subsequent sustained inquiries shook the Telugu film industry so much that its top figures shared a dais, charging that the entire film industry was being tarnished by the media over drug abuse by a few.

The cine leaders felt that the whole issue was being blown beyond proportions based on selective leaks by the police to the media.

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