Attack on Journalists In Bihar: Tejashwi Defends His Security Personnel

This is what Bihar Deputy Minister says: a�?poor policemen too have self-respect and they cana��t sit idle when they are under attacka�? (sic). Videos available clearly show who started the attack.

Patna: Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi YadavA�has on Thursday chosen to defend his security personnel despite their manhandling of media representatives the previous day, which has added to the tumult in Bihar politics over the past week.

This is what he said on his Facebook post: a�?They (journalists) were falling and competing with each other (to get sound bites). A couple of media persons were putting (their) mike(s) behind me and (which) brushed my ears and head. There were moments when around 10 mikes were about to hit my nose. I saved myself and the security men were only doing their duty and protecting me.a�?

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According to those present at the scene, journalists were thrashed by Tejashwia��s security staff when they tried to question him about the corruption charges levelled against him. When some of the journalists tried to mediate with the security men to ease the situation, they also got hit. The video of the incident has gone viral and the high-handedness of Tejashwia��s personal security personnel has been condemned by all other political parties.

The Deputy Chief Minister sought to condemn charges that he had instructed the security staff to attack journalists. a�?Reports on a few channels that the incident occurred on my instructions, and few RJD supporters carried out the assault, are totally baseless,a�? he stated.

While Opposition parties have criticised Tejashwi for the incident, he also posted a few other video clips on his Facebook page and Twitter handle, wherein he said a�?poor policemen too have self-respect and they cana��t sit idle when they are under attacka�?.

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