Assets of 16 ministers increased in 5 months

  • Railway Ministera��s wealth increased by 106%

  • PMa��s assets declined by 24%

  • 91% of Union Minister are Crorepatis


New Delhi, October 25: The assets declared by all union ministers showed an increase in the wealth of 16 ministers, who are from Loksabha, in the last five months. The increase of assets can also be seen in case of Ministers from Rajya Sabha also. The latest details furnished by union ministers to Prime Ministera��s office revealed all these facts.cabinet ministers 1

As per the Code of Conduct issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs one shall declare his/her assets after assuming the office as a minister. The details to be disclosed shall consist of particulars of all immovable property and the total approximate value of shares and debentures; cash holdings and jewellery. Such a Statement of assets and liabilities could be in respect of the financial year for which the income tax return has already been filed by the Minister. After taking office, and so long as he/she remains in office, the Minister shall furnish annually by 31st August to the Prime Minister, a declaration regarding the details of assets and liabilities of himself and of members of his family for the previous financial year.

As per this policy, all the 45 union ministers submitted their details of assets to PMa��s office.

sadananda gowa

Sadananda Gowda, Minister for Railway

According to this data, the railway minister DV Sadananda Gowdaa��s who is first among such 16 ministers assets increased by 106%. His assets increased by Rs. 10.46 crore, which is 106%. As per his affidavit filed during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, his assets worth was Rs. 9,88,88,874, which has reached to Rs. 20,35,65,477 now (Oct 10, 2014).

Pon Radhakrishnan 1

Pon Radhakrishnan, Minister for Industries and Public Enterprises

The assets of Minister of States (independent charge) for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Pon Radha Krishnan rose by Rs. 2.98 crore, which is 73%. The worth of his assets (as per 2014 election affidavit) was Rs. 4,09,63,269, which became now Rs. 7,07,68,564. The Finance Minister Arun Jaitleya��s assets also rose by mere 1%, which is about Rs. 1.01 crore. The worth of his assets was Rs. 113,02,16,000 during 2014 elections (as per affidavit) and now reached to Rs. 114,03,40,370.

Out of the total 45 ministers in Modia��s cabinet, 37 are from Lok Sabha and the remaining 8 are from Rajya Sabha. Out of the 37 Ministers (Lok Sabha) the assets of 16 ministers increased in the last five months and there was no change in details of 9 ministers. But the worth of assets of twelve ministers, including the PM, showed a decline.

narendra modi

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

The worth of Prime Minister Narendra Modia��s assets decreased from his earlier (as per affidavit in 2014 elections) by Rs. 39.79 lakhs. The worth of his assets was Rs. 1,65,91,582 in May 2014, but decreased to Rs.1,26,12,288, which is about 24%. Likewise the assets of Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj also decreased by 22%, i.e., from her earlier Rs. 17,55,16,422 (May 2014) to Rs. 13,65,42,170, followed by Minister Harshavardhana��s assets decreased by 45%, which was from Rs. 2.82 crore to Rs. 1.54 crore. The decline may be around Rs. 1.28 crore. The Minister of State for Development of North-Eastern Region Gen (retd). VK Singh assets also decreased by 76% (from Rs. 4.11 crore to Rs. 98.27 lakh).

piyush goyal

Piyush Goyal, Minister for Power and Coal

Whereas the assets of Minister for Power and Coal Piyush Goyal rose by 212% in the last four years. He was elected to Rajya Sabha in 2010, when his assetsa�� worth was Rs. 30.34 crore, but increased to Rs. 64.31 crore, which is higher than any other minister from Rajya Sabha.

ravi shankar prasad

Ravi Shankar Prasad , Union Law Minister

There was increase in assets of Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad (Rajyasabha-2012) about 37% (from Rs. 13.26 crore to Rs. 18.11 crore, followed by minister Najma Hepthulla by Rs. 2.81 crore, which is about 10% (from Rs. 26.88 crore to Rs. 29.69 cores) and Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidua��s assets rose by 28% (Rs. 7.72 crore to Rs. 9.91 crore). The assets of another minister Thawarchand Gehlot (social justice and empowerment) also rose by 323%, which is about Rs. 2.78 crores (from Rs. 86.12 lakhs in 2012 to Rs. 3.64 crore in 2014).

There was no significant change in the assets of about nine minsters (Lok Sabha) and minister Nirmala Seetharaman (Rajya Sabha) from their earlier declarations.

arun jaitely

Arun Jaitely, Minister for Finance

The details furnished by Finance Minister Aruna Jaitely showed the purchase of a residential building worth about Rs. 1.02 crore in Amritsar (3060 sq. ft area spread in Tungabala Urban Green Avenue) on April11, 2014.

The cause of changes in assets for many Ministers is largely due to the lack of any standardized format for ministersa�� asset declarations. Many Ministers have not given the value for many assets declared. Not declaring the value of assets in the Ministersa�� declaration is akin to not making a disclosure at all. Some Ministers have not given the present market value of the immovable assets.

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