Article on pressure groups and governance gets JP prestigious award

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Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi, has announced that an article written by Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, founder of Lok Satta party, has been selected for TN Chaturvedi Award. JP’s article, “Pressure Groups and Democratic Governance – An Indian Perspective” was published in the July-September issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration in 2015.

The award will be presented at the annual general body meeting of the Institute on October 21 in New Delhi. Popularly known as JP, he is also the founder of Foundation for Democratic Reforms.

In his thought-provoking analysis of current political situation in India, JP examines the role of pressure and special interest groups in political decision-making. Though he believes these are an integral part of vibrant democratic process, JP sees a sharp contrast in their fundamental approach to issues of public interest.

One is coercive and the other is peaceful and quiet. Hartals, bandhs, rasta rokos, obstructionism and indefinite fasts are seen as coercive weapons, systematic and non-obstructive ways of persuasion are another form to make elected representatives concede their demands.

Both coercive and non-coercive methods are widely used in India by pressure groups and activists to get their demands fulfilled.

Examining why the pressure groups are becoming more and more vocal and bringing governments and elected bodies to a virtual standstill, JP opines the increasing erosion of legitimacy of the political process has led to this situation. He also argues that is also the reason why our country has become ungovernable and chaotic.

The author, who strongly believes in values and morality in politics, discusses in his article ways to strengthen the democratic process and to make interest groups play a constructive role in the country’s development.

The full article can be read on IIPA website

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