Arrest Kamal Haasan, Ban Tamil Bigg Boss: Hindu Makkal Katchi

A fringe group in Tamil Nadu felt that Kamal Haasan is tarnishing Tamil Culture with the Bigg Boss and should be arrested immediately.

Chennai: Tamil version of realty show a�?Bigg Bossa�� took a serious turn on Wednesday when a Tamil fringe group names Hindu Makkal Katchi demanded the ban of the show and arrest of Kamal Haasan, the anchor of the show.

The group claimed that the show is obscene and their complaint read as follows, “The participants are mouthing obscene statements and are acting 75% nude. It is also derogative of Tamil culture and hurts the sentiments of seven crore Tamilians.”

They also demanded the arrest of contestants in the show. This programme which has been getting aired on Vijay TV from June 25th marks actor Kamal Hassan’s debut into small screen.

Kamal Haasan condemned the demand made by Hindutva groups and stated that they had mistaken him for a communist. He further stated that he is a rationalist.

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