Arrest Jaya’s Fake Son: Madras HC

Chennai: Krishnamurthy has to face sentence now for submitting fake documents after forgery, this is the result for falsely claiming as late Jayalaitha’s son. Madras HC on Monday directed the police to arrest him as it was a fake claim.

Krishnamurhty, a resident of Erode, claimed that Jayalalithaa is his mother. Most interesting point in this story is that he gave a clue and a reason for Jayalalithaa’s death. It’s Sasikala who killed Jayalalitha by pushing her from stairs at Jaya’s residence at Poes Garden. He lodged a complaint too at a Chennai Police Station saying that his mother was killed. According to him, he was brought up by Amma’s friend by name Anithamani.

Madras HC took his plea into consideration and ordered to submit supporting documents, failing to do so will be viewed seriously.

Krishnamurthy submitted few reports which were proven forged, fake after verification by Chennai police. They said Krishnamurthy was son of Vasanthamani and Krishnamurthy purchased documents with old dates and created fake ones.

Judge came to a conclusion that the documents are fabricated and urged police to arrest him and submit a detailed report on April 10th.

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