Arrest Director RGV, Vijayawada Court Orders Police

Vijayawada Court directed police to arrest Ram Gopal verma with case filed against the movie ” Vangaveeti”

Vijayawada: Court has directed police to file FIR against Ram Gopal Verma following the case against him by Vangaveeti Radha, for the movie ” Vangaveeti” which was shown in poor light as per petitioner

Satynarayanapuram police filed a case against Director RGV and producer Kiran kumar following court order as per the sources .Vangaveeti, a biopic on Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga who was murdered in 1988 when he was on ahunger strike and belongs to Kapu community.

Violence after the murder led to resignation of then Home Minister Kodela Siva Prasad Rao and surrender of Devineni Nehru.Vefore the release of the flick, RGV met Radha and Ratnakumari and assured them that the story was not against them and any particular caste.

But many turn outs took around after release which led to exchange of words between Radha and RGV.

Radha said Varma in his film on Ranga had misrepresented the facts to show the killers of his father in good light. Had Varma directed the movie for the sake of money, the fans of Ranga would have collected donations and given to the film director, commented Ranga’s son Radha.

Varma joined the battle by saying that he had far more respect for Ranga than Radha and Ratnakumari had for their father and husband respectively. “They could not have expected me to show Ranga as a toothless Gandhi or some kind hearted Mother Theresa or a Gautama Buddha who did not harm even an ant. He was a killer. He also did some social service. I have depicted the happenings at that time. If they think that I have twisted the facts they are free to produce a film titled Asalu Vangaveeti instead of blaming me. I am ready for a fight. Basti Me Sawal. I don’t tell the centre and you don’t tell the time,” Varma said in lighter vein in a series of tweets.

He termed his tweet as ‘counter warning’. He said he has with him a lot of documented evidence which Ranga’s admirers would not like to see or hear and  “I desisted from including that aspect in the movie out of respect for Ranga. If Radha asks for those details I am prepared to spill out. My intention was to show the finer sensitivities of the persons behind Ranga and his brother Radha. I have been saying it right from the beginning. The problem is that the present Radha does not possess even one per cent of the good qualities of the slain Radha and Ranga,” rebuked Varma.

After that family of late Ranga moved court.






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