Arnab’s Republic Back With A Bang

Popular anchor Arnab Goswami is back with a sensational tape between Mafia don Shahbuddin and Lalu yadav

New Delhi: Arnab Goswami, Indiaa��s popular TV anchor came out with his Republic TV which was aired on Saturday morning at 10am. In his first show, Arnab came up with a sting operation between Shabuddin and Bihara��s RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Sting reel of this newly launched TV was a��”This is Republica�? was voiced by Actor Kamal Hassan which telecasted a tape with a discussion of Shabuddin warning Lalu prasad Yadav about police firing in Siwan.

As per the tape, Shabuddin was heard threatening Lalu and asking him to remove higher police official. He was also blakcmailing some officials demanding to work in favour for him.

Shahbuddin was accused for running parallel government by sitting in Bihar jail. He was critical of the decision on liquor ban by Nitish Kumar.

Republic TV also came up with a sensational episode showing a nexus in funding between ISI and separatists in Kashmir valley who are trying to use J&K youth for their selfishness. The channel claimed that Hurriyat Leader Shabir Ahmed Shah was responsible for the unrest in kashmir and demanded permanent ban on Huriyath.

Arnab in his first broadcast declared that a�?Being a nationalist is prerequisite to being a journalista�?.

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