Apple Launches Water-Resistant iPhone 7 With New AirPods

  • iPhone 7 & 7 plus released
  • No Headphone jack
  • Introduced AirPods
  • Dual lens camera on iPhone 7 plus
  • Apple Watch Series 2 also launched

Venkata Kondubhatla
Washington DC: The much-awaited Apple release is over. All eyes were set on the new 7 and 7 plus iPhones at the launch held on Wednesday at San Francisco.

The new phones are slicker and thinner and with iOS 10 operating system, which is going to be available from September 13th, and with A10 processor, the performance of these phones is much better than their earlier versions.

They have no headphone jacks, which comes as no surprise to anyone following the rumor mill. But one can still connect the earphone cord through the lighting cable.

Still easier is by using the new AirPods. The Wi-Fi ear buds, smaller than the regular earphones, can receive sound from any Apple deviceA�–A�Apple Watch, Mac or iPhone a�� and switch back and forth from any device to another. Also, with a double tap on the buds one can as well start Siri to give commands.

But will the world, especially the markets like India, accept a phone with obviously a few new features, but that looks more like its precedents minus a headphone jack a�� a 3.5 mm hole that connects to the ear buds?

a�?We have a vision for the sound,a�? said Phil Schiller, senior vice president for worldwide marketing at Apple Inc., who introduced iPhone with all the details.He said the jack had to be removed, and it was necessary for the future phones.

The Wi-Fi sound system had some issues and thata��s why the phones had to use the hanging cords, Schiller said. Now Apple has resolved the issues and made Wi-Fi ear pods noise-free with super quality sound, he said.

Added feature to iPhone 7 plus thata��s not available with iPhone 7 is the telephoto, a small lens next to the regular camera lens. With two lenses, the iPhone dual camera has improved zoom maintaining the photo quality at zoomed lengths.

The phones are water resistant and are available for pre-order starting from September 9th. They will be in the market from September 16 in the US and some other countries. For the rest of the world, they are available from September 23rd.

The unlocked iPhone 7 is $649, iPhone 7 plus is $769 and they are available in different colors, including new black and jet-black colors.

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