Appeals Court Rules Against Trumpa��s Travel Ban

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington, D.C. -A�The court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit on Thursday ruled 3-0 against travel ban that President Donald Trump has imposed using his executive order. Reacting to the courta��s decision, Trump tweeted, a�?See you in court, the security of the nation is at stake.a�?

Trump administration may take the case to the Supreme Court, as his tweet suggests. In such scenario, the court may either accept the case or send the case back to the District Court for review.

a�?Ita��s a political decision and we will see them in court, and I look forward to doing it,a�? said Trump to a reporter after the decision. a�?Wea��ll win the casea�?

When asked if he thought the judges made a political decision, Trump said, a�? We have a situation where the security of our country is at stake. And ita��s a very, very serious situation, so we look forward a�� as I just said a�� to seeing them in court.a�?

A federal judge in Washington State on February 3rd temporarily restrained nationwide the travel ban that Trump issued through his executive order, which restricted citizens from seven Muslim countries a�� Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen a�� from entering the United States for a 90-day period.

The case went to the ninth circuit of the Appeals Court and three judges have heard the lawyers from both the Washington State and from the Trump administration. Two Republican and one Democratic former president a�� Barrack Obama, George Bush, and Jimmy Carter — appointed these judges. The decision was unanimous, as three judges voted against the ban.

The ban is not only unpopular among the Democrats, but also among several Republicans. The unpopularity may trouble Trump even if the case is accepted in the Supreme Court. One other possibility that Trump may go for is to cancel the current executive order on ban and order a new one that can withstand constitutionally in any court by removing some controversial elements, such as restricting green card holders from those seven countries.

But for now, the decision is a relief for all those citizens from these seven countries who want to enter the United States.

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