APERC Holds Public Hearing on Power Tariff

Hyderabad: Eliciting the views of  electricity consumers during the conclusive 6thpublic hearing on proposed electricity tariff for FY 2017-18, held today at APERC office in Hyderabad,  the  AP Electricity Regulatory Commission has reassured that detailed analysis will be carried out duly considering the opinions/ concerns expressed in the public hearings, to finalize a consumer beneficiary/ affordable Tariff besides ensuring the economic stability of the Power Utilities / DISCOMS.

The Chairman APERC, Justice G. Bhavani Prasad, along with P. Rama Mohan, Member/ Technical, and Dr P. Raghu, Member/ Finance who has conducted public hearings across the entire state in five  different places till date has reiterated that the Commission will adopt foolproof mechanism to study the views of various categories of consumers and later finalize the pro-consumer Tariff order for FY 2017-18.

The CMDs of DISCOMS MM Nayak & H.Y.Dora, Advisor, Energy I&;I Dept  K.Ranganatham have participated in the Public Hearing  (NSS)


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