APCRDA issues free health cards to ‘first citizens’ of capital region villages

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) has issued 28,044 free health cards to the ‘first citizens’ who have been residing in 27 villages of the capital region.

The health cards would be accepted in all hospitals in the State, said APCRDA Commissioner Cherukuri Sreedhar, on Monday. The APCRDA has formally started distributing the free health cards to the beneficiaries at meetings being conducted in the capital villages. He said that officials have already distributed 9,949 cards to the beneficiaries so far. He further added that the health cards are given to the people living in these villages as on December 8, 2014, when the government announced the area as the new capital of the State.

The CRDA commissioner said that they have been organising health screening camps in all these villages for the benefit of the card holders. So far, four mega health camps were organised in the villages, he said and added that 2,522 card holders were treated for various ailments as out patients, while 305 card holders were referred to the multi-specialty hospitals. Sridhar urged the people of the capital villages to approach the competent authority in their areas and get the free health cards.

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