AP to project Amaravati as world class capital at UK summit

  • CRDA briefs CM on job potential in next 10 years
Dara Gopi

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The untiring efforts, pro-investor policies, progressive planning and people-friendly development strategies being pursued by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to build Amaravati as one among the top five world class capital cities in the world has once again attracted the attention at the global level.

Recognising the strong determination and commitment of the State government in building world class peoplea��s capital city, UKa��s Department of International Trade for the first time has invited the State government to showcase the glory of Amaravati and future plans. The trade summit to be held fromA�February 20 to 22 in London, will throw open the doors of opportunities for leading global level companies, investors, entrepreneurs from all over the world to develop Amaravati as a world class capital city.

Accordingly, the Chief Minister who has deputed a high-level team consisting of Minister for Municipal Administration P Narayana, and CRDA Commissioner Cherukuri Sridhar, have decided to highlight the future plans of the government in developing anchor sectors of the State, and said that employment generation for all regions of the State and overall economic development are the twin objectives of the government that will immensely benefit even the future generations. A liveable city with high quality of life and high quality of infrastructure is required for economic development, and the summit would help cater to this aim.

Expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the farmers of Amaravati, the Chief Minister has asked the Minister for Municipal Administration to highlight the generosity and sacrifice of farmers of the State for lending 33,000 acres of their land for construction of the capital and praised the farmers that their sacrifice will always be remembered in the history of Amaravati.

The Chief Minister has an elaborate discussion on the UK summit with Minister Narayana, Special Chief Secretary in the Chief Ministera��s Office, Satish Chandra, Principle Secretary to the Chief Minister, G Saiprasad, Amaravati Development Corporation chairperson Lakshmi Pardhasaradhi, CRDA Commissioner Sridhar, Additional Commissioners Ram Manohar and Annam Mallikarjuna. The Chief Minister had directed the Minister and the CRDA Commissioner to stress on the strong will and unique programme of the government to build best and model capital city comprising nine core cities within Amaravati for sports, media, justice, knowledge, electronics, government, finance, tourism and health. He wanted them to project these nine cities as the most lucrative strategy for overall economic development with huge employment potential.

The British High Commission has been working closely with the State government to ensure adoption of world-class technologies across major Infrastructure sectors. The State government, with its prime focus on employment to all has adopted short term and long term plans for creation of 3 lakh to 5.5 lakh jobs in the next 10 years in all the nine-anchor sectors of electronics, hi-tech manufacturing, food processing, fashion & apparel, education, healthcare, tourism, government and other services of the State. The government is in the process of engaging with multiple other countries as well, such as Singapore, Japan, China, France and so on, to ensure the best strategies are implemented.

Appreciating the efforts of all departments and particularly the Industries Department in making recent CII Partnership Summit a grand success, the Chief Minister recalled the Davos Economic Summit where Amaravati capital city hogged the limelight and attracted investors from across the world. The impact of Davos summit where the image of the government and congenial atmosphere for investments was clearly visible at CII conclave where Amaravati city alone has bagged 62 MoUa��s worth of Rs.1.24 lakh crores with employment opportunity to 2 lakh people.

The CRDA Principal Secretary Ajay Jain, briefed the Chief Minister on the UKa��s invitation to the State government on water tech summit and international trade seminar. He said that the Chief Minister has directed the CRDA to put continuous efforts to ground each and every MoU of CII summit into a reality. He further briefed the Chief Minister that CRDA has defined priority projects for Amaravati across four categories such as land and planning, funding, infrastructure, economic and social development. The Chief Minister had directed that the key parameter for consideration in the city is a�?Happinessa�?, and world-class infrastructure, liveability standards and a strong economy would all lead to this goal for the people of Andhra Pradesh.

CRDA Commissioner Sridhar briefed the Chief Minister on the agenda and the contents of the presentation to be made during the UK visit, particularly the economic development and employment generation and sector-wise job projection in the next 10 years in Amaravati which is as follows:

Sector wise Job projection in 10 years in World class capital city

Sl.no Anchor Sectors Direct + supply chain Jobs Service Jobs Total Jobs in Numbers
1 Electronics 68000-119000 25000-40000 100000-160000
2 Hi-Tech Manufacturing 13500-29700 5000-10000 20000-40000
3 Food Processing 62000-124000 25000-40000 80000-150000
4 Fashion & Apparel 23800-47600 8000-17000 30000-65000
5 Education 7700-14300 2000-4000 9000-18000
6 Health care 4800-9600 2000-4000 7000-14000
7 Tourism 3300-6600 1000-2000 4000-8000
8 Other services 28000-56000 6000-12000 40000-70000
9 Government 16000-17000 2000-4000 18000-22000
A� Total A�2,27,100-4,23,800 80,000-1,50,000 3,00,000-5,50,000

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