AP Refutes Makia��s Allegations On Amaravati Designs

AP government had refuted the criticism of Japana��s Maki Associates in architectural designs for capital, Amaravati. Slaps legal notice.

Amaravati: The AP Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) had discounted the charges of Japana��s Maki Associates which was dropped from the master developer for Amaravati. While Maki, in an article in a magazine, sought to blame AP government in handling the Amaravati city plans, the APCRDA accused Maki of submitting a�?plagiarised designsa�� and having no manpower and expertise to design the global city. It had further said that the designs submitted by Maki have failed to impress people. The design of the Assembly complex was not original and it looked like thermal power stationa��s cooling tower.

APCRDA Commissioner Cherukuri Sreedhar, in a release, said that the Maki had failed to supply quality designs and had refused to bring down its cost too despite negotiations. It was only then, the APCRDA had dropped them and went for the Foster + Partners, in a global e-tender which had built Parliament complex for Malaysia and Supreme Court complex for Singapore.

Sreedhar said that the designs submitted by Maki Associates were on display for two days in Vijayawada for the people and experts, including those from the architecture college, to respond. He said that the designs have failed to impress the people and there were adverse comments against them across the State, including the media. The designs were found to be a copy of the existing cities and government buildings, he added. The Maki had also projected greater price and had failed to change even after negotiations, he said.

a�?Its (Maki) failure to give quality designs and disinclination to bring down the price had left with no choice but to terminate the contract and go for fresh tender,a�? the CRDA Commissioner said explaining the reasons for the dropping of the Maki from the master developer contract.

While pointing an accusing finger at the Maki for poor standards of designs, the CRDA chief took strong exception to the company spreading false information to tarnish the image of the government and the CRDA. He warned the Maki of serious legal action if it restrained from making such baseless allegations against the government. He said that the Maki had already violated the terms and conditions of the contract agreement and thus attracts legal action.

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