AP Politics Did Not Go Beyond Class X


Amaravati: The politics in Andhra Pradesh, which is said to be the most advanced State in the country could not move even move an inch beyond the Class X on Tuesday as the question paper allegedly leaked in Nellore district. The Assembly came to a grinding halt on the day with the Opposition YSR Congress raising the issue and demanding action against two Ministers, besides debate in the House, while the ruling Telugu Desam Party differing debate and action besides denying the question paper leakage.

The examinations are conducted under the leadership of Minister for Education Ganta Srinivasa Rao and the students appearing for exam at the chain of educational institutions is owned by another Minister P Narayana. Interestingly, both the Ministers have family bonding with Srinivasa Rao’s son marrying Narayana’s daughter. The Opposition accuses this relationship the reason for the leakage of the question paper.

Whether the relationship between the two Ministers is the reason for the question paper leakage or not, the corporate educational institutions have been dictating terms to the education department right from the school education to the higher education. The domination continues with the two groups – Sri Chaitanya and Narayana – having chain of institutions in the two Telugu States. The institutions provide maximum of 14 hour long education daily from LKG to Intermediate. They have the techno school that claims to offer intensive coaching for the kids for IIT, while the junior colleges provide similar intensive coaching for EAMCET and other competitive examinations.

In the school and college education, the Class X and the two years Intermediate examinations are crucial for them as the success consolidates their base. It is here that these institutions lobby with the government officials, the officials of the School of Secondary Education (SSC) and the Board of Intermediate Education. The lobbying starts from the allotment of center for the public examination to the release of question papers on the night before the exam where the questions are shared with the selected students in the residential colleges and schools.

While the pressure that they put on the students in the residential institutions cause the suicidal death of the students, the secrecy that is maintained when a question paper is leaked all makes these institutions a concentrated camps.

With Narayana in the Cabinet, the Opposition wanted to put the government in a fix over the question paper leakage. The government, on its part with the Chief Minister and the Minister for Education away from the Capital, tried to escape from being cornered by the Opposition and had posted the issue for discussion in the Assembly on March 30. It is to be seen how the government would come out of this trouble and save its Ministers.


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