AP Police withdraws from Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: AP Government recalled its police forces deployed in Hyderabad yesterday consequent to the advice by Governor Narasimhan to avert possible law and order situation.

It might be mentioned here that amidst high-voltage drama on Tuesday, the AP Government deployed its own police and security personnel fearing a threat perception to TDP leaders and Andhra settlers in the joint capital.

The move triggered off resentment and protests from the Telangana State Police, as it argued that it was its responsibility to provide security to all concerned, and the police force from the other state have no jurisdiction there.

When the AP Director-General of Police Ramudu called on governor last evening, he was advised not to precipitate the matter and asked to withdraw the forces.

Accordingly, the DGP recalled as many as 400 AP police personnel deployed in the state capital and the same was conveyed to the governor this morning. However, the AP State had asked some police personnel of its force to remain in stand by.

Governor Narasimhan, who is in charge of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, seemed to have apprehended a law and order situation in the joint capital of Hyderabad in the wake of the raging controversy over the cash-for-vote scam and advised the DGPs of both the states to sit across the table and avoid any confrontational actions.

Consequent to the mounting pressure from the AP for revoking Section 8 of the AP Reorganization Act claiming a threat perception to the TDP leaders and Andhra settlers and subsequent move the state administration in deploying its forces in Hyderabad, the governor summoned the DGPs of both the states and stressed the need for joint efforts to defuse breach of law and order in the joint capital.

The governor also seemed to have wanted to set up a two-member panel of IAS officers to resolve amicably any issues cropping up between the police forces of the two states. (NSS)

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