AP Police Visit YCP Social Media Office In Hyderabad, Leave When Confronted By Vijay Sai Reddy

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu was on the receiving end in the social media after he got an activist Ravi Kiran Arrested. It went viral giving negative publicity.

Hyderabad/Guntur: the Andhra Pradesh police have visited YSRCP social media office on road no 1, Banjara Hills, on Saturday morning. Half a dozen police officials led by a DSP has come from Guntur. They were confronted by YSRCP General Secretary and MP Vijay Sai Reddy who asked them to show search warrants. The police said they came only to issue a notice. Vijay Sai Reddy said had the police come with proper documents and according to the law, they would have been welcomed. He pointedly told them that he is running the YSRCP social media and prepared to answer any questions. But the police had not produced any documents and left the venue.

The social media reaction to the ‘arrest’ of social media activist Inturi Ravi Kiran by the Guntur police for his posts against Naidu, Lokesh had be come unbearable forcing the police to release the a�?accuseda��.

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh government had a tough time in justifying the arrest of Inturi Ravi Kiran for his postings in social media. The Guntur police who have picked up Ravikiran from his house during early hours on Friday have finally dropped him in his house 24 hours later succumbing to pressures mounted through the social media. The Thullur police, who have received a complaint from Assembly Secretary against a posting of Ravi Kiran in his a�?Political Puncha�� page in facebook, have a�?arresteda�� him. The Thullur police and the Guntur district police have admitted the arrest and the Guntur SP had even informed the media that Ravi Kiran was in police custody and would be produced before the court on Saturday. He said that two teams were sent to Hyderabad to arrest Ravi Kiran and the accused would be brought to the Thulluru police station. However, Ravi Kiran was let free at his home on Saturday morning, leaving people to their imagination.

The arrest and the release of Ravikiran within 24 hours left a negative image on the government. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had indirectly justified the arrest of Ravi Kiran for misuse of social media and even issued warnings to the people against social media posts.

The arrest went viral in the social media with people opposing it and condemning the dictatorial attitude of the Andhra Pradesh government. The arrest was seen as an attack on the right to speech or freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Ravikiran, who was released by the police, said that he was questioned by the police about his source of income and his connections with the YSR Congress. While asking him to report to the Thullur police station on April 26, the police have reportedly tried to find out his links with the Opposition party. Interestingly, a section of media had reported linking Ravi Kiran with the YSR Congress. The social media had seen a number of posts by the TDP activists who have justified the arrest and projected Ravi Kiran as a paid-social media activist of the YSR Congress.

However, without showing his arrest and without proving the charges against him, including his alleged links with YSR Congress, the police have left him, leaving several unanswered questions. This attempt and the subsequent U-turn had left the TDP and its plans questionable.

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