AP Plans Rs 1,991 Crore Housing Scheme For Government Employees In Amaravati

The AP Government had finalized a massive housing package for the government employees at a cost of Rs 1,991 crores.

Amaravati: Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has directed the AP Capital Region Development Authority or APCRDA to take up the mega housing plan in the new capital.

a�?By the end of the year 2018, the capital city must be prepared to accommodate 2- lakh people,a�? Naidu said.

Naidu has directed the APCRDA to provide housing for the government employees, judicial officials, ministers, MLAs, MLCs and the legislators. The package would have 4,016 units of which 3,820 units are multi-story apartments.

The housing for the government employees, include IAS and IPS officers, gazetted officers and non-gazetted officers, and the other staff. The government had allocated 300 units for MLAs, MLCs and ministers, and is expected to cost Rs 386 crores, while 130 units for the IAS and IPS officers to cost Rs 167 crore.

Naidu has also ordered the officials to allocate housing for media persons in Media City, a part of the capitala��s master plan.

The chief minister reviewed all the plans, and approved them. He encouraged better speed in the construction of the projects and reminded the officials that every building must look unique.

Naidu was also informed about the progress in the Sakamuru Park project. A workshop will be held soon, gathering stakeholders and identified vendors. The final proposals for the iconic bridges in the Outer Ring Road and Inner Ring Road will be presented within the next week.

British Geological Survey

The chief minister met the representatives from British Geological Survey, as part of the Natural Environment Research Council.

The representatives have shown interest to play a role in the development of Amaravati, by advising the state on all aspects of geosciences, and also by providing impartial geological advice to industry, academia and the public.

The MoU includes a 100 per cent grant, commissioned by the world-leading geological survey. The agency aims to dedicate a proportion of the core funding/research to the UNa��s sustainable development goals.

The association with Amaravati is a part of the agencya��s plan to set up an Asian Research and Innovation Hub. They have picked Amaravati among 3 cities in Asia, to act as lighthouses; Hanoi and Kuala Lampur are the other two.

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